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Recent Kids Stories

Collage illustration of a large imposing angel in a dark alley

My childhood was not pretty. Neither was the angel I met in a dark alley in a dangerous part of town.

by Pamela K. Keyser
, Otto, North Carolina

Melinda's self-improvement and faith gave her strength

A Psychology professor has everything under control except her weight. Her plans for self-improvement aren't as easy to fulfill as they seem.

by Melinda Blackman, PhD
, Fullerton, California

The Apron Lady found success

Business success making aprons? She found career happiness without sacrificing family.

by Cynthia Wadell
, Orange, California

A pair of snail shells

A jewel of the sea found far from the shores proves to be a little piece of God's grace

by Mary McKheen
, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Melvin Mora's inspiring story about being a dad

The inspiring story behind third baseman Melvin Mora and what his father's death taught him about being a parent.

by Louis Berney

Potato Recipe for Kids

Get your kids cooking with this adorable side-dish that is both delicious and nutritious.

by Annabel Karmel

Advice for moms: cherish every moment

Mommy blogger Janice Croze shows how a little perspective can make us better parents.

by Janice Croze

Inspirational stories, videos and devotionals about baseball's current players and coaches as well as those who’ve played in the past.

Motivational stories: Nolan Ryan on working hard in baseball and life

Nolan Ryan's motivational story about never giving up—in baseball and in life.

by Nolan Ryan

Jim Morris' inspiring story of making a baseball comeback

He thought his playing days were over. His students knew better. Jim Morris shares his inspiring story of his big comeback.

by Jim Morris
, San Angelo, Texas

His trip inspired hope and faith

He was out of a job and almost out of hope, when a mission trip to Africa changed his life

by Brett Fuller
, Fort Worth, Texas

Jamie Moyer's inspiring story of helping families affected by drug abuse

This pitcher shares his inspiring story of how he's helping families affected by drug abuse and death.

by Louis Berney

Dawn Meehan, mom of 6, talks about finding success and happiness cooped up at home during spring break.

by Dawn Meehan
, Chicago, Illinois

Watch over the spiritual growth of your Godchildren

Kitty Slattery learns that teaching faith is just one part of being a great godparent.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

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