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Recent Kids Stories

Jesus tells us that we should be insistent and keep praying until we get an answer.

by Rick Hamlin

A vintage portrait camera

Their kindly wedding photographer predicted just how many children they'd end up having. Did he have inside info?

by Kathleen Tomjack
, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bob Keeshan portraying Captain Kangaroo

In this story from June 1967, TV’s Captain Kangaroo discusses the importance of giving unselfishly of ourselves to others.

by Bob Keeshan

steam rising from a boiling tea kettle

Discover how a tea kettle reinforced this woman's faith.

by Rosemarie McManus
, Potomac Falls, Virginia

Sam, all grown up, with his mom at Lake Hobart, Indiana, near his home today.

She thought her son needed a father figure. All he needed was her.

by Kathryn Webb
, Las Vegas, Nevada

An artist's rendering of a winged teddy bear and a sleeping boy

She was overwhelmed with love for her child in heaven and her son here on earth.

by Sandra Ring
, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

Linda Carden sits in a playground swing outside the Star House.

After an angel sighting in a dream, a woman felt compelled to create a safe place for children being released from psychiatric wards.

by Linda Carden
, Beverly, Massachusetts

An artist's rendering of a Chinese angel clasping a young girl's hands

The woman who held our adopted baby seemed reluctant to hand her over, just like in my dream.

by Andrea Musgrave
, Edmond, Oklahoma

A dollar bill with the name Esther written on it.

He thought it odd that he'd found a dollar bill with his new girlfriend's name on it. But little did he know...

by Paul Grachan
, Lockport, Illinois

Gayle, Bert and their triplets

Their triplets were born three months premature, and tiny Abby was at great risk. Could she be saved?

by Gayle Brisbane
, Phoenix, Arizona

Jenni (left) and Haylee, outside the Cleveland Clinic

They were best friends separated by a thousand miles, until something unbelievable brought them together again.

by Haylee Crecco and Jenni Maianu
, Twinsburg, Ohio

Chris Rosati is introduced by an emcee at a local high school.

Meet Chris Rosati, who refused to let Lou Gehrig's disease keep him from spreading joy to young and old alike.

Donna Reed

In this story from September 1962, the beloved actress shares how her father's courage and strength taught her to rely on God.

by Donna Reed
, Beverly Hills, California

An artist's rendering of Batman and Capt. America rescuing a cat from a fire

He wasn't really a superhero; he just dressed like one. But then an opportunity to be an angel presented itself...

by Troy Marcum
, Huntington, West Virginia

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