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Carlton Milbrandt's castle painting, with a magnifying glass superimposed on it

He was so close to tracking down the castle that had so long fascinated him. But where was the final clue?

by Carlton Milbrandt
, Northville, Michigan

A happy family on vacation at the ocean

A family vacation sheds light on recognizing the importance of the Lord in my life.

by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry
, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

A young J. Robert Mathias in his soldier's uniform

We left winter and the war outside to be welcomed into the warmth of Christmas.

by J. Robert Mathias
, Boonville, California

Richard Brookins as St. Nicholas arrives in a jeep accompanied by two angels

Kids in this European town hadn't celebrated Christmas in years because of the war.

by Richard Brookins
, Pittsford, New York

Will Rogers

In this story from July 1957, Will Rogers Jr. recalls the wisdom his witty father passed on to him.

by Will Rogers Jr.

Mary Czerak

An overwhelmed mother of seven is reminded that she should treasure even the most hectic moments with her kids.

by Mary Czerak
, Aurora, Illinois

Rick Hamlin

Only upon her passing did contributing editor Rick Hamlin understand the gifts given to his friend's mother.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Caroline Updyke with her daughter Lauren

Her daughter was brave about her learning disability, braver than her mother.

by Caroline Updyke
, Short Hills, New Jersey

An artist's rendering of an infant in a glowing white baby carrier

She saw her newborn son fall to the floor as she prepared to feed him. Would he escape harm?

by Carla Hendricks
, Little Rock, Arkansas

An artist's rendering of an angel with blue butterfly wings

A mother receives an unexpected assurance that her son, gone nine years, is at peace in heaven.

by Barbara Wills
, Glencoe, Alabama

Shawnelle Eliasen

Though she liked things as they were, deep down she knew they couldn’t stay that way.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

a coil of thick rope

There was something in our church craft cabinet…something I’d never seen in there before.

by Sandi Sebak Bean
, Bottineau, North Dakota

The room was full of positive energy—the energy of joy, of excitement, of community...

by Katie Allen Berlandi

Jim Cantore

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore has had his share of struggles throughout his life. But he has always managed to ride out the tempests.

by Jim Cantore
, Atlanta, Georgia

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