A Sneak Peek of Heaven

A woman of science is given a glimpse of the afterlife through her near-death experience.

By Mary C. Neal, M.D., Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As appeared in

I am a doctor, well versed in medical science and accustomed to fact-based explanations. Perhaps that’s why, on one level at least, it made me a bit uneasy when patients shared their faith despite my own strong Christian belief.

Maybe it was because I wondered if science and spirituality were truly compatible. I’d try to be open to what my patients said, although I confess I didn’t always understand.

I remember, early in my medical training, treating a 14-year-old girl who was dying. Death, after all, is a definitive medical fact. There’s nothing more scientific than death.

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“Don’t be sad,” she told me. “My angels are with me. My parents need to let me go. Please be happy.” I desperately tried to believe her, but I still couldn’t understand the loss of this beautiful child.

Not until one day in the high mountains of Chile when I died myself, not until then did I finally see the light.

My husband, Bill, and I had gone to Chile for a white-water kayaking vacation. Bill, like me, is an orthopedic surgeon and we share a practice, along with a love of outdoor adventure.

We had paddled on some of the roughest rivers in the United States and this was a chance to try our stuff on the wild, untamed waters of the Chilean Andes. We left our four young children at home with our longtime babysitter and traveled to one of the remotest corners of the globe.

Snow-fed rivers tumbled down volcanic slopes, with challenging 10- and 20- foot drops, perfect for us. Our guides were our good friends, Tom and Debbi Long, along with their sons. They’d been hosting white-water trips to Chile for years and knew exactly where to go and what we’d face.

Still, that morning, I had an uneasy feeling. Maybe it was because Bill was going to take the day off—he had some back pain that was bothering him. (You’d think that with both of us in the business we could avoid that!)

Or maybe it was because a new, less-experienced group of boaters was joining us that day. I just had this strange, shadowy feeling.

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“Sure I can’t convince you?” I asked Bill one last time. “I can fix whatever’s ailing you.”

Bill chuckled. “I’ll take the truck and meet you at the takeout,” he said. “I’ll find a nice place to read and enjoy the scenery.” The views of thick subtropical forests and snow-covered peaks were breathtaking. Civilization was far away. I almost envied him his peace and quiet.

“Okay,” I said. “Give me your paddling jacket.” His was bright red, unlike my drab one. At least he could spot me easily from shore, and I’d have a part of him with me.

He drove us to the put-in. I slipped on his jacket and kissed him goodbye. Then I joined the rest of the group and we stepped into our boats. “We’ll stop before we hit our first big drop,” Tom said.

I put my feet against the foot braces and tightened the spray skirt around my waist. It would keep water out of the boat and my lower half dry. If a kayaker gets into trouble she can pull the loop, or “pull the chute” as we say, to release the spray skirt and escape the boat quickly.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched the new kayakers. One in particular wasn’t so sure of herself. I steered around her. We paddled downriver, stopping at the eddy above the falls. There was a narrow channel to the right and a larger main channel to the left.

“We’ll take the smaller channel,” Tom called over the water’s roar. “It’s more predictable.”

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Guideposts Magazine - August Issue

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Good move, I thought, remembering the inexperienced kayaker. The left channel looked pretty hairy.

The first boater paddled down the channel on the right. I followed. The current moved swiftly. We headed forward. Suddenly her boat turned at an angle. She was being whipped sideways by the current. Then her boat got lodged between two boulders.

She jumped out and waded to shore, leaving her kayak on the rocks.

I’m going to have to go left. There was no stopping my momentum. I took a deep breath and plunged 15, 20 feet down the falls. My boat dove straight down. The force of the water was crushing. It ripped the paddle from my hands.

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I enjoyed your experience, with your near death , I don't think I would have came back , even though I love my grandkids and children with my whole heart and would miss them more than life itself, my life here on this earth , would not be missed , If I have A choice , an it don't sound like you had one, I would have went on in the gate's , I really enjoyed your story , and that peace GOD gives is truly wonderful, I pray you continue to make A difference in people's life and keep up the great work....

It really saddens me to see so much negativity and doubt in these comments. THe doctor took her time to share a beautiful life experience. How sad for you so called "Christians" I hope Jesus does not judge you the way you have judged. Maybe you should think about that. As far as the comment Mr. Gerald Martin made, shame on you!! Jesus is the same today as yesterday!! He can bring the dead back to life and that includes cases of being "Brain dead" sounds like you need to go back to Sunday school, until then maybe you could practice a little kindness.

The haters are cracking me up. You people that said she didn't mention Jesus... she was writing this story FOR Guideposts, a Christian magazine, so her audience can be assumed to be largely Christian. She mentioned her Christian faith. I think that was enough for people who can read and comprehend what they are reading. This story was well written and she used prose and imagery really well. You don't always have to beat people over the head with the Bible to get the point across. C.S. Lewis does not mention Jesus in Chronicles of Narnia, but nobody in their right minds would argue that his books are anything but Christian and that Aslan is a representation of Christ.

Those of you who are saying her experience could be from Satan should be ashamed of yourselves. This Christian woman has shared her experience of heaven and all you can do is be typical nasty judgmental Christians, the types of so called "Christians" that turn so many unbelievers away from Christ. Satan does NOT give you life. Satan does not tell you that you have more to do with your family and loved ones.

This was a beautiful story and it was beautifully written. Quit being nasty and mean people. I'm so tired of nasty, mean, condescending, judgmental, ugly, hating "Christians" who can't even be Christlike to another believer. Those of you who are so hateful need to ask yourselves, how many people you have turned AWAY from Christ with your nastiness. I'm really done with being embarrassed by people who call themselves Christians, yet can't act civilized and when I witness to unbelievers I have to explain and excuse the behavior of Jesus's followers.

Heather I could not AGREE more with what you said! To gerald martin ,TAK,jk,Phil I say you would never say what you said in the judgmental and holier-than-thou way you said it if you had an intimate, loving relationship with Christ, the messiah. Jesus said to judge the tree by the fruits.
The enemy, the devil, never does anything that causes us to draw close to our heavenly father whether it is a story shared or a life witnessed.Revelation says they will be saved by the blood of Christ and the word of our testimony. That means what God has done on Calvary and also what He has shown us personally in our lives about His reality and grace.
Also as Heather said "Quit being nasty and mean people. I'm so tired of nasty, mean, condescending, judgmental, ugly, hating "Christians" who can't even be Christlike to another believer."
I am also flabbergasted that people who don't seem to have any spiritual beliefs would even
A: Come to a site like this
B: Take the time to write derisive, sarcastic and highly cynical comments unless it was just to disrespectfully goad those of us who DO have faith.
I would say to you unbelievers-Please go elsewhere and remember
"That to those who don't believe no amount of evidence is sufficient and to those who DO believe no evidence is necessary"
And thank you Rev Rod Walton and Rev. John Price for being credible voices of sanity amidst some of these insane and ignorant comments.

Folks - what does the Bible say on this? First of all, you have to believe and confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior - Rom 10:9-10, to be with him once you die.
Second, the story of Lazarus and the rich man do not indicate that anyone will be able to come back from being dead to warn anyone else - Luke 16:19-31.
Third, the devil can appear as an angel of light whose main purpose is to deceive - 2 Cor 11:14
If we don't temper all of these kinds of stories against the Word of God we will believe anything when the Antichrist shows up - Rev 13:1. He and his buddy the False Prophet will
perform all kinds of signs and miracles to deceive people!

Come on people - pull out your Bible, dust it off and read it!

There's nothing wrong with the doctor's experience!
The Bible tells us that God has no name, as He told Moses; and in Revelation there is no name mentioned either.
In this kind of experience of the soul, the language of earth is forgotten.
And Jesus has not just taught us to recite his name, he taught us to follow Him; and when the doctor said with her soul "Let Thy will be done", she has followed Christ, for that's what Christ has said after he prayed for the bitter cup to pass from Him.

Yep Phil, looks like Dr. Neal should be reading more of the WORD, instead of medical books and these stories would not spread. I'm not sure if doctors are all too "worldly" at all. Do we need them or just the LORD? I know for a fact at least the LORD'S healing doesn't have a copay.

Here is what the Bible says to this:
Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise. - Jeremiah 17:14

I don't mean to throw doubt on a beautiful experience but I was much like Hanna Hurnard - author of the beloved "Hind's Feet on High Places". Many don't know that after writing the book Hurnard began to drift more and more from Christianity, until she'd left off the basic tenents and was New Age. I did the same. I had experiences that were beautiful, wonderful and peaceful. However these lured me further and further away from "Christ and Him crucified" and from the Bible until I stopped believing in Jesus and became New Age with spirit guides. Thankfully my mother's prayers never ceased and I now know my experiences were false ones that led me away from Jesus. Now I "test" everything through the word and through prayer as well as discussion with other Christians. The Bible tells us that "Satan appears as an angel of light". But it seems that Christians are very gullible and willing to believe everything if stamped with a Christian label. I just would not wish anyone to go through what I have and would beseech all of you to be as "wise as serpants and as harmless as doves."

Sorry didn't mean to post the same thing twice.
My question is would you bury a person who is still breathing? Was a Dr. there or paramedic to declare her "clinically dead". No. Was she hooked up to anything that would indicate that brain function had stopped. No. There's really nothing in this story to indicate that Dr. Neal was in fact dead.

She said that she was "dead" for 11 minutes. I'm not certain what she meant by that since she was still breathing. She said that every time they told her to breathe she felt obligated to take a breath. This indicates that she never died. Dead people cannot breathe - correct?
I'm not sure what Dr. Neal experienced but she could not have been dead if she was still breathing.

Lungs are the last to stop in cardiac arrest.So her heart stopped beating and she could breath for short period of time. I have heard stories of near death experiences of them looking down and understanding what is being said. She could be in the state between death with not breathing and clinically dead.

i have a question,does god forgive people that, take their
own lives? i have a son that did just that, he was ( is)
a wounderful person, i pray, almost every nite that he will
come to me and tell me his's ok...i miss him so very much,
i saw a movie called " what dreams may come " it's about a mother, that takes her own life, ( ROBIN WILLIAMS, STARED

FOR T.OBERG -- I wanted to offer some comfort.

I recently experienced discovering that a long-time friend committed suicide.

He and I had done mission-work together and he most definitely knew the Lord.

After I discovered that he was on the Other Side, I became almost sick with grief. It was then that I began experiencing him getting little messages across to me. A song began playing in my head that I hadn't thought of in years and it fit perfectly with his situation.

Funny ideas would come into my mind that were exactly the way he would state them. He had a marvelous sense of humor and incredible wit. Very distinctive, so it was obvious to me that the "thoughts" I was having were coming from him.

I also want to encourage you with a verse from the Bible where Samuel the prophet of Isreal states that King Saul (who committed suicide later on)would be with him in Heaven:

Before he died, the prophet Samuel spoke to him and said:
I Samuel 28:19 "Moreover the LORD will deliver Israel and you into the hand of the Philistines; and tomorrow you and your sons shall be with me;..."

1 Samuel 31:4 "Then said Saul unto his armor-bearer, Draw out your sword and thrust me through with otherwise these pagans will come and will torture me. But his armor-bearer would not; for he was very afraid. Therefore Saul took a sword and fell upon it and died."

Romans 8:38-39 "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

God bless and comfort you in your grief.
Here is a website that I found that will offer you some consolation: http://spencersmom.com/

The Bible doesn't have much to say about what happens to people when they commit suicide. I think this is because God judges each person differently. Most individuals who commit suicide are in a distressed, desperate, clouded state of mind, and people who commit a sin while in that state of mind are not held accountable to the same degree as people committing a sin while in a clear state of mind. My father committed suicide many years ago, during a prolonged state of mental distress. While what my father did was very displeasing to God, my dad loved God, and he was loved by God. God is good and merciful; he is forgiving. I know that God has forgiven my dad for what he did, and that my dad is at peace now. God loved your son, too, and I believe your son is at peace now, as well. You will see him again one day. I pray that you and your family can find healing and peace.

I feel that God forgives people who take their own lives. We don't know what kind of pain people are feeling who do something like this. Although God wants us to live, I just feel that this is a trick that Satan uses to keep us from fulfilling the destiny that God has for us. God loves us. We should never think that because someone committed suicide that they go to Hell. We are so weak. But God loves us anyway. He sent Jesus for us...for us. My son died last year from a drug overdose. But I know where he is now. He loved Jesus. I know your pain, but I know that the love of God is more than we can even imagine. The forgiveness is incredible. We never know what others are going through in their own lives and it is not for us to judge anyone. Have faith that you will see your son again. God loved him as He loves you. My cousin killed himself many years ago. No one in the family even knew he had any problems. But I do know that he loved God. I know he is in Heaven. Have faith. Your son isn't hurting anymore.
I know the movie you spoke of and really like that movie, however it is just a movie.
May God give you peace.

The more i've gotten to know the Lord the more i believe that He does forgive people for taking their own lives. The reason i believe this is because anyone who does such a thing is not really of their right mind so to speak- and the only way we go to God in "righteousness" is through Christ anyway- so none of us is entering on our own accord. Anyone who has accepted Christ as their savior is covered under his blood sacrifice and righteousness and will go to heaven.
just keep praying for the Lord to give you peace about it.

I too have had that beautiful experience..Many spiritual companions with me with beautiful hills and green land of travel. I also was told "not yet"

Heaven awaits us
Gods Blessings
Vicki Dunn

For those that believe that there is no other way to heaven than through Jesus, that's great. But, you have no right to tell others how to believe.

actually the bible commands us to do so. The Lord isnt willing that any should perish and spend eternity in hell.

Thank you for sharing your event. I have heard and read many. The similarity increases my faith.

I too have had an incredible experience.....one that will stay with me forever and give me peace that someday, I will live in the rapture of Gods arms. You need to believe.......yes, believe. No words can describe what awaits us!

I too had an incredible experience with a beautiful, loving, healing light. It happened at a time in my life when I needed healing of body, soul and spirit. As a young child I experienced the confusion and emotional pain of my father's three years illness sequestered away in his bedroom where I was told not to touch him, because his cancer was thought contagious at that time, and his death which followed. When my mother remarried I experienced sexual abuse by my stepfather. I attended a life issues seminar and at that time remembered these events that had colored my life. I beat on a pillow to empty my self of rage and frustration and wished that my empty heart could be filled. At this time the bright,unconditionally loving light appeared, and traveled healing over my body and flowed into my heart area. I am sure the light was the Holy Spirit and/or Jesus although no face was seen. As I result of this light experience I do not fear death, but I live to fulfil my purpose here on earth. People who have not experienced this, may doubt its truth, but it was very real. The bible says that old men will have visions and young men will have dreams.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself to relate such a fantasy. no one and I repeat no one has come back to life from being brain dead and you are no exception, let alone relate such a fantasy as you have related. It makes good science fiction, but poor fact

I can only pray for your soul..so sad that someone must have shared only lies with you. I am so thankful that God gave me the gift of compassion, so that even when I take care of patients who are so unhappy and unbelieving as you most certainly appear to be, I can still share Christ's love through my actions and healing touch.
Thank you, Mary, for sharing your wonderful near death experience. I truly believe God wanted you to share this experience with us to help us embrace death whe it is our time to be with Him. As medical professionals we understand that clinical death is a process which occurs over a period of time and that is not always instantaneous, thus "near death experience". God Bless.

you need to do some research before you try to state "facts" that youre unaware of.

My reply was to Gerald Martin and not for the orthopaedic surgeon. I myself am a doctor and yet believe every word she has written. God bless

You are a very unhappy discontended person in life. Seek help and get your soul healed.

I love hearing about near death experiences and going toward the light, etc. Has anyone ever heard of going toward "fire" which I would presume would be hell? Not everyone is a believer, so I would think some people have near death experiences with hell. I don't hear people talking about that....or is it because they don't believe and do go to hell and don't live to tell about it?

I have read at least two different books about people going to hell... one was a lady that was taken there by the Lord to observe and experience it so as to come back and tell people about it- and the other was someone that died and came back. also i have seen programs on t.v. about peoples experiences with it as well. i always pray that no one would have to go there. an eternity is a looong time!
ps: the people that told their stories definitely came back as believers!


I too had similiar questions awhile back. I googled "Went to hell and came back" and quite a few things came up that tell of people who went to hell and came back. You Tube also has several stories of such. Just as the heaven stories, some of them don't seem quite right, but believe me you'll feel in your spirit those that do

Good Luck!


Jan - in my area and perhaps in yours, there is a series on tv, the biography channel, which relates after life experiences. The show is called, "I Survived, Beyond and Back." Another called "I Survived" is also great but doesn't include the afterlife experiences, but all kinds of survival stories. Both shows only have short seasons and aren't on here at this time but should be back. Check biography.com for info. Only one story of all that I've seen related going the 'other way' and was a very impressive story. I hope you see this email and can find the series.

She may not have mentioned Jesus but it is clear as cystle that she is a christian she mentioend two things "my strong christian beliefs" we must remember we have degress of growth in christianity and it depends on what you are taught in your church. every Pastor teaches what he/she has allowed the HOLY SPIRIT to teach him in order for him/her to transfer to his/her congregation. secondly the "uneasy feeling is only given by the HOLY SPIRIT when he wants to warn you of something bad about to happen or something he is not in agreement with and usually wants you to pray about it to stop it,till we have a note of victory in our spriits. but often times we ignore it and when things happen we think God coes not care or it is the will of God but as i said before at such times the HOLY SPIRIT expect you to pray till you have a note of victory in your spirit, but because she has not been taught that or understand the working of the HOLY SPIRIT that is what will happen but GOD in his mercy gave her life back to her so you should understand that, that is the only way she can express her experience and as she walk closer to God and study the scriptures she would understand more. thank you reading my explanation from West Africa, Ghana

How wonderfully peaceful those who have this experience. God has a wonderful way of giving us life's reassurance that he will always be here for those that love and share.

Why would this woman risk her life with four children at home with a babysitter? Anyone into this sport would have to know the dangers. Seems a little selfish to me.

I loved every story in my July Guidepost that I just read today. I really liked the one by Mary Neal. It is awesome to know we are going to a better place after we die. I also liked the stories about the couples. I do have a question I was thinking about my husband and my relationship. We have been married for over 21 years and our daughters are 18 and 20. The last couple of years we have been living together but not as a married couple. There are many reasons for this but I feel one reason is because my husband likes to be with my daughters more than with me.Once when I asked him why he loved me he said it was because I had my daughters. That kinda hurt because he didnt say anything about loving me for who I am. I just wonder after the kids move out will he still want to be with me? I do love him and my daughters but like I said he seems to like being with my daughters at all times and when were all together they make fun of me. I hope this makes sense I just wanted to get this off my chest. Please dont share this publicy.

I never did see a mention of a commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior. If that isn't there, this whole experience was a fake designed by you-know-who. There is no heaven in the afterlife without Jesus. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

She was not laying out the plan of salvation, she was sharing her near death experience.

As Army Chaplain, church pastor, and hospital chaplain (40 years total so far), I have spoken with over 200 people who have had near-death experiences. Harper's will publish a book next year ("Revealing Heaven") which I've written about the implications I see arising from these accounts, and they come from people of all faith groups: Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and more.

The first written account was from 350 B.C. in Plato's "Republic," in terms so very similar to modern near-death accounts. The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF.ORG) has over 2,500 such accounts on their website. Go investigate.

It will open your eyes. People who were Fundamentalists and have NDE's just don't go back to church, by the many thousands. Why do Fundamentalists so object to the accounts which portray God as loving?

I agree one hundred percent with what Rev Price has said. I have been researching NDEs for the last 30 years, and have also written a book on the subject with Dr Caroline Wilkins. One thing is for sure, God is a lot more loving and accepting than most Christians believe He is.

In response to your comment about "fundamentalists", whatever that means, I don't see anyone saying God isn't loving. God loves all people, and yes that even includes people the world thinks of as evil, like a Hitler. Just don't be fooled by a warm feeling, a comforting light, a story about angels, whatever. This can all be true, but Heaven doesn't await the "good people", there's a different way to get there. I see some defensiveness in responses here but hey, don't take it up with me, read the Bible, God said it, not me. I agree with God on this: I want no one to perish, and it's not up to me. Everyone has to work out their salvation personally with God, and I hope to speak with all of you in heaven one day.

you don't know everything.

do not presume you have all the answers.

there are millions and millions of others--but do not worry. you will be saved.

What does this mean?

I think she is just telling a story as it happened. She is not trying to convince anyone about her beliefs..This is why she had not mentioned Jesus Christ. Truely, the Bible mentioned that our good is not enough, and our righteous is not enough, but unless we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour, thats the only way we can be saved..Jesus paid for our trangressions on the cross of calvary, without accepting him, there is no salvation, and such that rejects HIM will not see heaven.

What a comforting story! That feeling of being steeped in love and peace like no other. When I read stories like this, I always wonder why death if feared. Thank you for your story; blessings to all of you :-).

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary, as I awoke I had one wish, that I would get reassurance today that I would hear something from our son today. He died 5 years ago at the age of 16. Over the years we have been blessed with many assurances, but nothing specifically recently. (Please excuse the grammar...get the point.) I opened my email and saw this story. I am once more humbled to tears that God has graced us with sure reassurance. I have always tried to reassure myself that Paul was a spectator at the time of his death...I know with certainty that I was meant to read this article today. I have read many stories of near death experiences over the years, but not one that was this graphic at the time of earthly terror. Thank you for being God's messenger for us today.

As she herself said a person dedicated to scientific fact is the best witmess to something as inexplicable as the after-life, heaven and angels. Thank you for sharing the Doctor's amazing "proof". SInce the death of my beloved husband, and not at all because I lost my faith...for I have not.....I have this heartbreaking doubt that there is no after-life, no heaven afterall! I think it is not so much that I do not believe in it because I always have, but rather I fear that perhaps neither he nor I are "worthy" enough to be blessed with such a gift...as eternity together, in God's kingdom. I hope I will begin to feel that reassurance that we are worthy of that reunion in heaven when I read all your inspirtational "proofs". Thank you Guideposts....and thank you Lord, too for having patience with me!

Dear Esty. I felt in my heart, that I needed to write you. My heart goes out to you. As far as being worthy of Heaven, no one in in his own righteousness. When Jesus died on the cross for us, we became worthy of Heaven. If you believe in the Bible, you believe in Heaven. If you have accepted Jesus in your heart, and repented of your sins, and you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, you will be saved. Jesus said," where I am, there will you be also." "I go and prepare a place for you" "In my Fathers house, are many mansions". If you believe in Jesus, and that He is the Son of God, you are His, and Heaven awaits you. Satan is a liar, and tries to rob you of the peace of knowing that Heaven is your forever home.I will be praying for you. I had doubts when I was first saved, but when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, it was like Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came in such a way for me, that left many people crying, and repenting, and laughing. Like a big bolt of electricity, was flowing through my body, that I could not stop. I have seen , and experienced too much. God loves you, and Heaven awaits you. We are worthy, because Christ made us worthy, when He died for our sins. He died for your doubts, so we don't have to ever doubt again. Heaven is for real. Pray that Jesus will take away all doubts for you, He will. I will pray for you too. Knowing that Heaven awaits for me, is what keeps me going. We are just passing through this home on earth. Being so close from Easter, know that where He is, you will be also. You have to tell satan to get behind you, when doubts assail you. Bless you, Esty. Heaven is for real. Doubt not any longer.

Faith in Christ, who is the only ONE worthy of heaven. We mere mortals, are totally dependant of HIM, for he has paid the price to make us acceptable for heaven. To you: Peace, Joy, and a total Surrender to Christ.

it feels good to know that we are going to a better place. Peace awaits us... Thank you for sharing your story... God Bless...... AMEN.....

I loved everyone of these stories. It filled me with hope and love. I just lost my son a month ago, and I was feeling so alone, depressed, and most of all angry. Not at GOD, but, at myself for not being there. Thank you for such beautiful stories. I know my son is in heaven. What a joy, thank you GOD.

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