Comfort Comes on the Wings of a Butterfly

A grieving widow has her prayer answered by a tiny, fluttering yellow angel.

By Gloria Hensley, Martinsburg, West Virginia

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I sat on my patio, hung my head and cried. “God, please let me know that Charlie is with you.”

My husband passed away a few days earlier. We’d been married for 47 years. Without him I felt lost. I was thankful to have my three kids at home to help make arrangements, but I longed for comfort from God himself.

Just then, a bright yellow butterfly appeared, fluttering its wings across the patio table. I called my sons in the front yard. But it was too late. My butterfly was gone.

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“Mom!” my son Glen called to me a few minutes later. “I saw your circled the house three times!” Could it be?

My daughter came outside and joined me on the patio. I’d hardly finished telling her about my prayer and the butterfly when it flew up and hovered in front of her nose! “This must be your butterfly,” she laughed. It was! The butterfly brought us all a little peace that day.

When we chose Charlie’s plot, my sister spotted a yellow butterfly flying past. And then a friend surprised me with a beautiful butterfly necklace. But it didn’t stop there. The following week I opened a grief catalog from Charlie’s hospice center.

Right there on the page was a T-shirt emblazoned with their symbol of hope: a bright yellow-flecked butterfly. “What the caterpillar calls the end of life, the Master calls the butterfly,” it read.

My eyes welled. I bought the T-shirt, and I’ve been into butterflies ever since: necklaces, a purse, even a shower curtain. They’re my symbol of hope too. And an answer to my prayer.

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My mom only died on Oct 27th this year, it was so sudden i am still in shock. When the hospital called we rushed there but they had already removed her body and wouldn't let us see her. Me and my sister were sitting on a bench outside the hospital crying when a yellow butterfly came to us. My sister looked at me and said that is MOM i was thinking the same thing. We have found many things of hers in yellow butterflies that we never knew she had. Yes, i believe!!!

Iswear i could have written this article my self
You see i lost my hubby Bill after 57 yrs of marraige and we had the same thing happen to us at his furneral A beautiful monark butterfly landed on my daughter Debbie AND now when ever we see a butterfly we say hello DAD I have butterflys all over my home
I have a wrist watch with a monark butterfly on it
The furneral home where he was laid out also has a butterfly release time every few years in memory of our lost ones
Thank you for printing that story


i am a true believer that butterflies are one of the many winged messengers from above. I had 3 of them following me and pup, teasing us on the walking trail around my home. It was quite comically ~ especially with me and my iphone trying so hard to take a picture. I'm sure my angels were laughing and giggling at me. As well as anyone looking out the window.
My friend has ladybugs & I have cardinals as well ;)! I have MANY MANY stories to tell ;) ~ all on my blog in honor of my sister who passed March 22, 2008.

there IS life after life on earth!! I know it!

Winged blessings of love to you all.....xxoo
aka: Little Red Bird

God Bless you all for those lovely stories. I lost my husband over a year ago. I would love a sign that he is alright and that I will be alright too.

dear NENE

Butterflies I do agree are a sign from the Lord letting us know that our loved ones are safe with him. Our son died on Dec. 6, 1989. Since then many things have happened. A red rose ... bloomed white the next spring after his death. Several times since I have asked the Lord for a sign ... and a beautfiul Monarch Butterfly has appeared. Once it was in the middle of the ocean while on a cruise. I know my Lord is real, and I know our son is safe in his arms. Miss him - Yes I do - but untl the day we are reunited ... I am asking the Lord to keep sending me signs of his peace with him. God Bless You and Yours. S

Addition on my last comment. I LOVE butterflies and know they stand for resurrection.I feel better reading all the comments, although I am still looking for a sign, He smiles at me from his portret and his eyes seem to follow me, but just a feeling or a vvoice would be so great. I am getting used to being alone, but I never can fill the hole in my heart.

The story about the butterfly made me cry, because I lost my husband lasat year after 47 and a half year, but I have never gotten a sign it would have been wonderful for my 4 children who suffer still so. He just got sick and 3 months later went to his rewards, but left us lost back here. I still cry for a sign, although I he must be allright.

After my mom passed on the 4th of July 4 years ago (she went out with a bang)I noticed a white butterfly flying aroung. She visited me again on this last Mother's day and stayed for a feq days. I know she is with me and of.

White Butterfly - I call her MOM. She flies around me often times when I am outside and need a lift. I call her sometimes - sometimes she actually comes. Freaky I know but I believe in butterflies and I believe they are signs from above. I talk to her when she arrives and sometimes she stays even longer. I truely believe GOD has her come just when I need her.

My Dad passed away in January. Butterflies were a sign to us when his brother passed away 20+ years ago. Before my Dad died he would come in and out of a coma and talk to his brother like he was sitting right there with us. After my Dad's funeral, we went to see his grave a few days later and right at the foot there it was- a huge GOLD butterfly ornament! Needless to say, that ornament will be on our Christmas tree every year from now on. Only God can give you that peace to know everything is alright!

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful stories. Sometimes when life gets in the way, it is nice to be reminded that God is ever present and watching over us. April

butterflies have been so important to our family ever since the death of my husband 10 years ago. They have shown up at the most memorable times. times when we are all together,or need comfort, joyous time,and when we just know he would be thinking of us. I have butterflies all over the house on things, and everyone is always giving me card, etc with butterflies on. Today is my birthday and I got an email from my son with a verse and pictures of butterflies that really made my day. I think this story was meant as a special message for me today from my husband. I have angels all over my house too.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!! Today is my birthday too! I hope you day is filled with blessings of many kinds. I lost my husband just over a year and half ago, but I know he is celebrating my birthday in heaven with Jesus and the angels. I know your dear husband is doing the same. I just bet they're have "angel food cake" just for us!


I too had an unusual and beautiful experience with butterflies one day after my mother passed away on June 10, 2003. I awoke with grief the morning after her death and felt led to look out my bedroom window. There were hundreds and hundreds of pale yellow and white butterflies of all sizes flying all around my window, like angels sent from above to let me know mom had made a safe journey to heaven. I rejoiced and was so thankful for these heavenly messengers!

A Viet Namese friend once told me they believe that when we die, we fly up to heaven as a butterfly. My mother passed away in October 2005. After the funeral, my sisters and I returned to the cemetery after everyone had left. A small yellow butterfly was flying around her grave over the flowers. I knew it was her. I think of her every time I see a butterfly in my yard.

A week after my husband's memorial service I was grieving heavily. I went to his gravesite and had been praying for a sign that he was with our Lord. It was March 19,2011, and too early for butterflies here in KS but as I took the wilted flowers from the car for disposal a small yellow butterfly fell to the seat. He seemed to be cold. He stayed in the car after I got home resisting my offer of escape. The next day I went to church and afterwards the little butterfly flitted around the car, ignoring the open windows I had offered for escape. As I arrived in the driveway, tears streaming, I said outloud, "we're home, I'm going to be O. K." and the butterfly flew out the window. It stayed near the car for a couple of minutes then flew off. I saw it, or one like it, several times during the next few days and then no butterflies until it was warmer. We had been married 49 1/2 years at the time of my husband's death.

When my sister died in July of 09 we were all devastated. She left 5 children, a large family, and countless friends. I received MANY butterflies... Yellow usually. At the hospital, the funeral, visiting her grave, etc... But my favorite and most profound experience was in December that year. Is been thinking about her and crying. When I went to my car, a large yellow butterfly kept divebombing my head. It turned my tears to laughter and my sorrow to joy. I KNOW it was her (and the Lord).

My daughter released butterflies at her 22 mo. old son's funeral. They were beautiful! And then a friend made her a raised garden outside her kitchen window to attrack butterflies. We received such comfort from God's little messengers!

Our family also received a yellow butterfly as a direct answer to my prayer after our 15 year old son died suddenly. It showed up as family and friends gathered at our home after his funeral and hung around for 3 days.

The most amazing thing is that it was in January ,the middle of winter !

what a beautiful story. I shall always remember the lovely sentence: what the caterpillar calls the end, the Master calls the butterfly. I shall try to think of that beautiful sentence when I write a message to a friend who has lost someone. God bless you all