Near-Death Experiences: Proof of Life After Death

Diane Corcoran’s nursing career took her on an unexpected journey to serve as a witness and advocate for those who have glimpsed the hereafter.

By Alina Larson


Has anyone ever described to you a heavenly sojourn? Or a meeting with a deceased relative? Or floating above their body after an accident or while in surgery?

Diane Corcoran has heard such tales. In fact, the retired nurse estimates that she’s heard hundreds of stories of near-death experiences, real-life stories that describe what happens after death.

Corcoran was stationed in Vietnam at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, a neuro-surgery center for spine and head injuries, when she met a young man in the recovery area whose arm had been blown off. Drawn to speak to the young soldier, she asked him how he was doing.

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“You’ll never believe me,” he replied. Urged on, he said that he when he was hit, he felt himself being lifted into the air.  He looked down and could see bodies strewn about and he just knew which ones would make it and which ones were going to die.

He then felt himself “going to another place.” With tears rolling down his cheeks, he described this place as “beautiful” and “wonderful.”  But, he was told, he would have to go back, at which point he woke up in his body.  

“It was real, it wasn’t a dream, it happened to me,” he insisted.  Corcoran believed him.

Over time, Diane heard other soldiers recount their near-death experiences and she saw many similarities in their accounts.

For example, they described rising up and seeing their bodies below, traveling through a tunnel toward light, and meeting deceased loved ones.

Some people describe having a “life review” or seeing their life, from an outside perspective. And many of those who have near-death experiences say they were surrounded by a powerful light unlike anything on earth.

A near-death experience can change a person in many ways. Physically, they are often far more sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and sometimes medications.

They may feel more attuned to nature or compelled to serve humanity. Newly found altruism has caused people to change careers, like the former stock broker who became a respiratory therapist.

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Children with near-death experiences are also different afterward; they often seem mature beyond their years.

Corcoran can easily imagine how strange a child or adult must feel after having glimpsed the hereafter. That’s why she serves as the current president of the Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and is so passionate about teaching clergy, the military and those in the medical and psychological fields about near-death experiences and helping those who have had those experiences come to terms with what they saw and how it may have affected them.

“I see myself as an end-of-life midwife,” says Corcoran. “I tell people, 'You won’t have pain, it will be wonderful.'”

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I would have liked to have heard more of Diane's encounters.

I had a recent life after life experience. How can I tell it on here for others to read and take heart in????? Thanks

Hello David. If you'd like your story to be considered for publication in one of our magazines, use the Tell Us Your Story link at the very bottom of this page to submit it. If our editors feel it's a good fit, they'll get in touch with you.

Would like to hear more about near death experiences, what they see, in hereafter. There is life after death indeed.
We must prepare ourselves, loving, caring forgiving, sharing, praying , helping, meditate, and much more.
Love conquers all.

NDE are real i have had two one when i was 17 after a bad car wreck that should have killed me i remember my spirt leaving my body then standing in a dark room where i was met by som ugly looking creature idk what it was i remember it was extremely hot i perceived this place as hell. The second i was 22 severely dehydrated i member sitting in the ER then i like died for a few seconds i member seeing my lifeless body and the nurses around me working on me i member a calm like i have never experienced before it was peaceful i had no worry i felt at home i member walking down a tunnel and seeing a white light as i got closer i could my passed loved ones oh i didnt wanna leave.

Well, lot of information. For example, I had high fever when I was about 13 or 15 years of age, and experienced that "traveling endlessly through a deep tunnel at full speed". Never again did I feel anything like that, even in my dreams.

Yes, we choose our eternity. I know my God, the one true God, exists. I choose Him and His ways...I have tried life my way and it's too difficult to do it alone. We don't have to, He made a way to take the pressure off and walk with Him. If we give it all to Him, He gives us the abundant life He wants us to have with Him. Most things we cannot control even though we try. No amount of wishing, formulas or self-help books can do what my God can do when I give my life and my will over to my Creator. If, as some say, there is no God, I serve this One all my life, I have not lost anything if He does not exist. But if He does exist, you, my friend, have lost eternity with the One who loves you enough to come to earth and be crucified for your sins.

Mark's comments make God himself seem evil and vengeful.

What Father would damn his own child to the torture of hell because of ignorance or lack of understanding? And how can we truly ever understand who God is with our limited human comprehension ?? We make God play by human rules as if our laws and edicts are somehow His own. As Paul says, "now, we see through glass darkly." Even he knows we cannot have full understanding, so why do so many act as if they do or we all should ?

Perhaps being born again has something to do with leaving our bodies behind while being healed of all the hurt and mistake in life and being allowed to live in the glorious Light of God's love.

It would be easier to leave this world with everything assured and with a tidy feeling of "making the grade" and then receiving a nod of spiritual approval to hang out in heaven with no fuss or muss. It is much more complex than this. Of this I AM certain. And along with sins revealed, there will be accountability and remorse and lessons learned and revealed.

But only God knows our heart and human being should not judge others earnest attempts to be his LOVING assistant as Ms. Corcoran certainly is. God is much bigger and more compassionate than he exists in the minds of many people. God is Love to the ends of time and through people he moves to do his will .

Thank you for this!

God is merciful and i dont believe he would damn someone to hell who had no real knowledge of what the choices were. BUT, He has made it clear that we have a choice to make- and people choose NOT to accept what Jesus did on the cross all the time. God desires for ALL to come to the knowledge of Christ and that NONE should perish; but he made us all with the free will to choose- and some choose to go to the hell that was originally created for the devil and the fallen angels/demons. I am glad that people have shared their near death experiences-as a christian it makes one less afraid of the actual act of dying as well as looking forward to seeing heaven and all that it contains.

When you study the original languages of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew, you find out that there is no such thing as the pagan, mythical hell of churchianity. Outer darkness (as Jesus call it) or the void, as it is call is for self-confrontation, purification and spiritual growth and doesn't last forever but for an indefinite period of time (Greek word aion). And when you read a big amount of NDE testimonies, you find out that EVERY person who went to hell as some call it came back to tell the tale. All you have to do is realize that you were made to love and be loved and desire that, and cry out to God. You then return to your body or move to the higher realms of light...

Good for you. It's way past time people stopped making up doctrines that have been going wrong for thousands of years! Since the New Testaments is written in Greek, you would think that these Greek words should have been examined long ago! When are fundamentalists going to wake up and smell the coffee. When people know the meaning of these Greek words, they no longer will believe the sadistic nonsense.

Thank you so much for this enlightening message!

" he made us all with free will to choose"....ha ha ! u " christians" make me laugh! what kind of free will is it that if u choose the " wrong thing" u r damned to hell for all eternity?? and the fact that so many people are taken in by this nonesense never ceases to amaze me. The fact is that much of ur " faith" amounts to where u were born. Had u come from a muslim country u would believe there is no God except Allah. If u come from a christian country u must believe in Jesus. Religion is the root of all evil. When people surrender their own intelligence to some ancient book that can only lead to trouble- and boy has religion caused trouble in the world!!

Ms. Corcoran said that she tells people, "you won't have pain; it will be wonderful". Yes, it will be wonderful IF YOU KNOW JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR! But if a person has rejected Christ as Savior, it will NOT be wonderful at all after death, but will in fact be HELL, literally. The torment, outer darkness, burning flame and eternality of hell, spoken of throughout the Scriptures, are not what anyone would call "wonderful". Perhaps Ms. Corcoran believes this. Perhaps the writer of this article also believes this. I do not know.

It seems to me it should be stated a little more clearly instead of seemingly lumping all people into one category of "we're going to the 'hereafter'". What is the "hereafter" anyway? I don't find this word the Bible. Instead we find a literal hell, a literal heaven. Otherwise, Jesus Christ Himself is a liar when he mentioned the fire of hell 6 TIMES IN 6 VERSES, 5 times saying that it was "unquenchable", i.e. eternal (Mark 9:43-48).

Please, Ms. Larson, be more clear on these matters. The eternal souls of men & women are at stake. Thank you, good day.

study the Hebrew word "Sheol" and the Greek words "Hades" and "Gehenna". Instead of trusting mistranslations, go straight to the source, the original languages, which are Hebrew and Greek. Some translations of the Bible were translated using the corrupt Latin Vulgate. I also suggest you do some research on early church history. Find see yourself what was the most prevailing doctrine in the Christian church for it's first five hundred years. Universal Salvation. You'd be surprised to find out that the word "hell" and the concept of hell is found nowhere in the original languages of the Bible. Not the pagan, mythical hell of churchianity anyway. Outer darkness or the void is a trasitional realm in which one must ponder their action and thought life and be purified. There is pain and torment, but it's not forever. It's to learn and grow. The term used in the original Greek is "aonian" (eonian) which is an eon or many eons. An indefinite period of time, with a beginning and an AND. Not forever. You can study these things for yourself and free yourself from the lies of the religious system with the guidance of Jesus Christ.

May the peace of God be your portion...

Then what made the church turn from the doctrine of universal salvation to the present most common one in which the condemnation is eternal? Is it a wish to make people grasp their present life and try to do the best, or a desire to scare people away from wrong-doing?

My Uncle Lenny experienced this. He is not the type who makes things up.

He died and came back.

He's still here

Alina Larson, thank you for this article. As I read Diane Corcoran’s words, “I see myself as an end-of-life midwife,” I understand her compassion. It’s especially so in her saying, “I tell people, 'You won’t have pain, it will be wonderful.” It’s true. For me, I too have no doubt about it. Y’see, I know so very little, but for this: “There’s one thing I know – God exists.” In my novel “Mommy’s Writings: Mommy, would you like a sandwich?” is given a detailed account in life after death. I also share why I accept this truth. In Corcoran’s calling now to help individuals come to terms with such experiences is but seeing the love of God working through her, as she administers to them. It’s so much so that she serves as president of (IANDS) Association for Near-Death Studies. Diane Corcoran, thank you.

Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author 2011
“If you have an open mind, you never know where God is going to lead you.”

I guess I differ from many others who have commented in that I believe in Jesus and that He died for us, but I don't believe he is the only path to God or to Heaven. God made us all and the messages of the 3 major religions are essentially the same--love God and others, treat others with kindness, and respect, and do no harm. I choose to believe that God loves all of us and seeks to have all of us with Him; that it is more important how we live our lives than it is which religion we adhere to. Jesus gives me hope, comfort, and direction-- and he did not turn his back on others. But first and foremost, Jesus was Jewish for his entire life and followed Jewish practice and law. Christianity came later.

I don't believe God would ignore so much of His creation by excluding those who live a good life by His standards but don't follow Jesus.

As far as Hell goes--I don't know. Maybe our hell is here. Maybe hell is just the absence of heaven for those who have truly been evil on earth. But I don't believe a loving Father would condemn His people to hell just because they choose to follow a path other than Christianity.

Obviously, I am not a fundamentalist. I believe that some of the Bible is a reflection of the society of the time, some is allegorical, and some may be literal. It was written down by men and men add their own interpretations. Limiting ones self to a literal interpretation of the Bible causes us to miss out on the evidence of God's love and the spirituality others experience.

To: Barbara Marin-Wavrek

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

Maybe Jesus appear to people in more than one name.

Thank you for stating God's word and not that of the unsaved. There is another verse in The Bible that states, "truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3 [ N.A.S.B.] Also in John 3:16 & 18 is the Gospel "in a nutshell."
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 18) He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."
At the judgement the saved will stand before Christ at the Bema Seat to receive their rewards and the unsaved will stand at the Great White Throne Judgement where all will be cast into the "pit of fire' to suffer in torment for eternity. For a thorough explanation of the judgement and Hell, read Revelation 20.

Lest we forget, these word were written by a man, John, who was struggling to interpret and process his own understanding and his own beliefs just as we are now in this conversation. And how many times did Christ himself feel the need to in effect say, "no, you don't understand" to the men and women he interacted with as he struggled to teach them concepts about spirituality. No one knows the heart of a person, except God and that person. And only God knows how to heal those who have been damaged in the world. The love of God and his son should never be wrapped in threats of eternal torment. But many times religion does this both because of misunderstanding of it's role and because of all the anxiety in the human soul of those who speak from the pulpit regarding death and the afterlife. We will all judge ourselves when our eyes are open to our every action in life and God will comfort us even as we realize all the pain and joy we were responsible for from the perspective of those whose lives we touched. We reach God from many paths that men (and the clergy) attempt to block and invalidate. Only a GOD that loves the world would be able to love the clergy anyway, so you're good either way Reverend.(-; Otherwise from your perspective all Jews go to hell ?? Is this what you are suggesting
Reverend Jones ?

This is really beautifully written! But even if I know this, I still feel like even if everyone I know is going to Heaven, I deserve not to be there... I feel like my soul is so rotten even though I'm still young and at the threshold of adulthood. I don't know what it will look like if I continue to live in this way for twenty more years... God is loving, but He's also just; or rather He cannot help me unless I start helping myself; I know all these, but I continue in my sinful ways and see myself sliding uncontrollably towards an abyss that is terrible to glance at... I will never blame God for getting my dues one day, for it's my deeds that call for their deserts, while Christ watches me, sad and disappointed. If every human being comes into this world with a plan, I've miserably failed mine by now, and I can barely feel hope in the future, even while reading these inspiring stories of Angels and Heaven... Help me please if you see anyway out of this!

I died (certified dead), was put in a body bag to go to the mortuary went through the whole process and after two and a half hours I came back!
There is nothing to'll see when you get there!!

If you are truly sorry........repent ask Jesus for forgiveness and change your ways . That s why he died on the cross. For your sins. Get on your knees ,,start over . Please , ask in his name and you shall receive . Forgiveness is gift . Please ask for forgiveness and start over . Just you acknowledging shows you are sorry . It's not to late .