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"In Every Issue" content continually gives our audience reasons to read and return to Guideposts.

Caregivers - This year-long monthly series features stories from caregivers of all types. They share their joys and sorrows through their powerful stories. Over 5 million readers will be able to read first-person stories such as:

A pair of middle-aged parents who are raising their severely handicapped 16-year-old son at home. The care is constant and demanding, but they do it with love and devotion. "I feel blessed to be called to do what we can for our son."

A young woman falls in love and marries a young man who is wheelchair-bound because of an accident as a high school gymnast. Friends advise her against the marriage, saying, "You will be his caretaker," but she finds the job fulfilling. What they learn as a couple is how to ask for outside help.

The famous Rhinestone Cowboy himself, Glenn Campbell, now in his 70s, suffers from dementia, but it hasn't prevented him from going on tour. It is his wife, Kim, who has taken a strong role as caregiver.

The woman didn't have a very good relationship with her husband's mother. But she welcomed her mother-in-law into their home, when it became clear she couldn't live alone anymore. In that last year of life, and physical proximity, she came to understand and love a woman she’d never know well before.

Engage with our audience through these powerful stories of individuals who have stepped out of their comfort zone to care for another.