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in every issue

"In Every Issue" content continually gives our audience reasons to read and return to Guideposts.

Guideposts themed editorial series offers readers monthly coverage of topic-specific subjects, highlighted through first–person stories. Beginning in January 2013 Guideposts will feature "Once in a Lifetime"—a year-long monthly editorial series focused on individuals who pursued their dreams. Over 6 million readers will be able to read first-person stories such as:

• The mother who always wished she were a balloon handler in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but couldn’t because she had to cook dinner for her family. Then for once in a lifetime, she auditions and sees her dream come true on Thanksgiving morning, tethering a balloon for millions on TV and along the parade route.

• A middle school math teacher always loved to dance as a girl. Now that she’s 60 and soon to retire she tells herself it’s too late…until she signs up for classes at a studio and takes up Western dancing. Two years later she’s dancing in national contests and winning awards.

• An African-American business exec who grew up in a share cropping family had always yearned for a garden that would be as beautiful as the ones he saw traveling overseas in the Army. Discouraged from buying a house in a prosperous Southern town, he picks a property on the outskirts and starts planting and pruning original topiary shrubs and trees. His once-in-a-lifetime garden becomes a tourist destination for visitors from around the region.

• A stay-at-home mom had always been a huge fan of the game show Family Feud. When she plays it at home, she’s always quick with the answers. Then she learns that families can audition online. She signs her family up and they are selected to go to Atlanta where the show is filmed. Not only do they appear, but they win handily.

Engage with our audience through these powerful stories of individuals who took a risk and succeeded once in a lifetime.