The Power of Guideposts
Reaches 'Round the World

Guideposts Media
Published for over 60 years, Guideposts is one of America’s largest and most beloved monthly magazines with a readership of over 6 million. delivers daily hope and inspiration to millions.

Books and Inspirational Media
The Books & Inspirational Media Division was founded in 1948 and continues to issue a steady stream of bestsellers and maintain an exceptional backlist of perennial favorites. At the center of the enterprise is Daily Guideposts, an annual daily devotional containing new and original material with a print run of 750,000.

Guideposts Outreach serves people through prayer, the distribution of inspirational publications free of charge to hospitals, military and VA personnel, prisons, nursing homes and like-minded organizations, and other programs. Our commitment is to help individuals achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

Retail Division
Ideals Publications, based in Nashville, TN, has been successfully publishing book products since 1944. Ideals has over 600 active titles in its catalog and publishes 70 titles annually for both the retail and direct mail markets. Focusing on inspirational books, holiday titles, Americana/Patriotic themes, and children’s books, Ideals sells over 2 million units each year.