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How to help someone facing their first Christmas without a loved one.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Ways one family has celebrated the season over the years. 

by Michelle Cox

A family pulls together for Christmas during a son's first deployment.

by Edie Melson

The great thing is, you can connect with her without spending a lot of money!

by Terry Squires

A mom finally finds the perfect hiding place to hide a gift from a snooping son.

by Michelle Cox

A family makes Christmas cookies to give as gifts.

A tight family budget needn't mean less Yuletide cheer. Here are some tips for making the most of the season.

by George Balaskas
, New York, New York

Ed Asner

In this story from October 1979, the star of stage, screen and TV shares how his faith came to impact his work.

by Ed Asner

woman turning down the heat on thermostat

She hadn’t tinkered with the thermostat. Why did the heat come back on?

by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
, Blanco, Texas

Tecla's white-yarn angel

This couple loves to travel and their preferred souvenirs from their journeys have always been angel tree ornaments.

by Tecla Barber
, Park Ridge, New Jersey

How not to let your teen's spirit of gratitude morph into one of entitlement

by Terry Squires

General Douglas MacArthur

In this story from November 1953, the heroic general shares a holiday tale that is nearly 100 years ago.

by General Douglas MacArthur

John Sherrill

A World War II veteran gives hope to today’s returning troops.

by John Sherrill

Jon Woodhams, Editor, Guideposts Books

Discover how this heartwarming Guideposts fiction collection came to life.

by Jon Woodhams, Editor, Guideposts Books

Celebrating a beloved aunt who once gargled with Chanel No. 5!

by Michelle Cox

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