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Teach your teens proper work ethic, a savings mentality and personal responsibility.

by Terry Squires

How to display generations of military memorabilia.

by Edie Melson

Melissa and Philippe with (l-r) Océane, Margaux, Charlotte and Valentine

If there’s one thing that’s closer to this Food Network star’s heart than family-friendly recipes, it’s preventing the tragedy that struck her own family.

by Melissa d'Arabian
, as told to Celeste McCauley, Senior Editor

An artist's rendering of a man and his dog looking up at a large tree

He’d thought his father was gone forever, until that magical day in the snowy woods.

by Ralph Ackley
, Machias, Maine

It's not the games or sweets or even the gifts, it's all about family being together.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

stockings hanging on the mantle on Christmas Eve

An uplifting devotion to warm your heart.

by Gina Bridgeman

The faces and voices may have changed, but this holiday tradition keeps family connected.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

winter wonderland

A precious holiday spent thinking about the glorious future that awaits.

by Erin Keeley Marshall

How to help someone facing their first Christmas without a loved one.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Ways one family has celebrated the season over the years. 

by Michelle Cox

A family pulls together for Christmas during a son's first deployment.

by Edie Melson

The great thing is, you can connect with her without spending a lot of money!

by Terry Squires

A mom finally finds the perfect hiding place to hide a gift from a snooping son.

by Michelle Cox

A family makes Christmas cookies to give as gifts.

A tight family budget needn't mean less Yuletide cheer. Here are some tips for making the most of the season.

by George Balaskas
, New York, New York

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