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How not to let your teen's spirit of gratitude morph into one of entitlement

by Terry Squires

General Douglas MacArthur

In this story from November 1953, the heroic general shares a holiday tale that is nearly 100 years ago.

by General Douglas MacArthur

John Sherrill

A World War II veteran gives hope to today’s returning troops.

by John Sherrill

Jon Woodhams, Editor, Guideposts Books

Discover how this heartwarming Guideposts fiction collection came to life.

by Jon Woodhams, Editor, Guideposts Books

Celebrating a beloved aunt who once gargled with Chanel No. 5!

by Michelle Cox

woman praying and developing good prayer habits

Make God’s “very good” world even better, one prayer at a time.

by Pam Kidd

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how a familiar smell jogged his memory at the perfect moment.

by Adam Hunter

An artist's rendering of a lit candle, a pumpkin and a pine cone

Thanksgiving wasn't the same without so many beloved relatives who had passed on, but they found a way to celebrate their lives with gratitude.

by Paula O’Donnell
, Springfield, Missouri

girl in pumpkin patch

This devotion, a preview from Mornings with Jesus 2015, asks us to consider the outlook and attitude we put forward to the world.

by Erin Keeley Marshall
, Rogers, Arkansas

A kindness in the laundry room brings scripture to life.

by Julia Attaway

David Suchet as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot

From The Joys of Christmas 2014: She passed on the DVDs of her late husband's favorite show, but a Christmas miracle placed them in her hands after all.

by Nadine Colgan
, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Glen Campbell's wife, Kim, on caring for a husband with Alzheimer's

by Edward Grinnan

Believing that God will always be here as a young son grows and changes.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

How comfort and affirmation is provided to those in a line of noble work.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

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