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Jews in the Kovno ghetto who have been assembled for deportation

Storytelling plays a key role in the observance of Yom HaShoah, known in English as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

by Adam Hunter
, New York, New York

An artist's rendering of an angel holding red roses

She feared a visit to her hometown would prove bittersweet at best, but the lovely aroma of roses soothed her pain.

by Tanya Richardson
, New York, New York

Blurry outlook? Don’t worry, writes guest blogger Daniel Kessel. God sees everything clearly.

by Adam Hunter

Susan Page Davis, author of Secrets of the Blue Hill Library's Gone in a Flash

Sometimes family secrets bring on heartache, but sometimes they actually bring relief and joy.

by Susan Page Davis
, Dexter, Kentucky

flowers and a heart decoration at the cemetery in winter

In this excerpt from Extraordinary Answers to Prayer, a young widow shares her crisis of faith.

by Betty J. Dalrymple

An artist's rendering of a fridge covered with recipes, pictures, etc.

A woman discovers her ready-to-be-discarded refrigerator holds some sentimental value after all.

by Mary Sharon Smith
, La Mesa, California

It's time to celebrate; how are you getting into the spirit of the season?

by Adam Hunter

Buddy Ebsen

In this story from January 1984, the beloved star of television, movies and theatre recalls a New Year's Eve that changed his outlook on life.

by Buddy Ebsen

"It was a true miracle," guest blogger Diana Aydin's mom says. "My happiest Christmas."

by Adam Hunter

Lori Durham's lost-and-found Christmas ornament

She wasn't really feeling the holiday spirit, but a simple ornament hung on the tree made all the difference.

by Lori Durham
, Brunswick, Georgia

A red Christmas ornament with gold glitter and Micaela's kindergarten picture

Her daughter would soon be off to college, but the holidays reminded her there were many blessings still to come.

by Sandra Dean-Ludwig
, Suwanee, Georgia

An artist's rendering of an angel hovering over a Nativity set manger
As a child at Christmastime, she had the joyful job of setting up the Nativity set under the tree. If only she could do it again...
by Maria Pratt
, Black Hawk, Colorado

An artist's rendering of a man filling out his Christmas cards
His wife had always handled the Christmas cards, but the task he kept putting off proved to be a blessing.
by Richard H. Schneider
, New York, New York

Bernice (in red) with grandniece Laura, mom Paz & Laura’s parents Rene & Isabel
For her family, the Christmas season always began with everyone gathering for a big tamale-making party. How could they keep the tradition going?
by Bernice Gonzalez
, San Antonio, Texas

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