Mysterious Ways

An older man taking an eye test


As he was losing vision in one eye, he also felt a darkness descending upon his soul. Was there hope for him?

Brett Parks

Getting It Right

Mysterious Ways retracts a story from our February/March issue.


Mom’s Last Promise

She’d wanted to meet her newborn grandson so badly. If only…

A white butterfly

Mysterious Ways: Family Flutters

She'd prayed for a sign that her departed loved ones were on hand at her wedding. But would that prayer be answered?

winding freeway with blue sky overhead

A Friend on the Freeway

Who would stop to help a stranger get back on the road?

Expecting mom is comforted by God

Mysterious Ways: A Nudge to Safety

I was pregnant, lonely and scared...but not alone.

Garden of Gethsemane

A Holy Land Miracle

Mom’s trip to Israel healed her…in more ways than one.

A house near Ephesus, Turkey, where it is said Mary, mother of Jesus, may have resided.

Mysterious Ways: Secret Spaces

Enjoy these sanctuaries of calm and solitude.

Amy and Tom Petruzelli

The Best Investment

Why did I give up $500 without batting an eye?

Hunter with Heater the Dragon

The Sign of the Dragon

A young baseball fan who is deaf received a delightful surprise when he approached the mascot of his favorite team.

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