Mysterious Ways

inspiring view from the deck of an ocean liner as the sun sets in the distance

Mysterious Ways: A Miraculous Bit of Déjà Vu

Forty happy years of marriage had inspired her and her husband to treat themselves to a relaxing and restorative cruise. But why did the ocean liner seem so familiar?

Serina and Mitchell, who are married now but were surprised to learn they met long ago

Love at Second Sight

Serina and Mitchell, who thought they met in college, actually first encountered each other years earlier. Watch their initial meeting and their first dance on their wedding day.

God's Love and Mercy for This Military Mom

A Military Mom’s Plea

When my son was deployed to Afghanistan, I begged God for mercy…

Martin Pistorius, who was miraculously healed from a mysterious brain ailment


The doctors feared Martin had lost all his higher brain functions, but God—and one dedicated caregiver—knew otherwise.

An open bottle of white pills and a glass a water, representing Roberta's plans for suicide

One More Day

The pain had become so relentless become so that even her faith wasn't enough to see her through. Or was it?

An illustration of the sign language for I love you

A Sign

Something led her to teach herself sign language. Years later, she understood why.

Roberta Messner, frequent contributor Guideposts and its sister publications

5 Inspiring Devotions

Roberta Messner's devotions have touched hearts around the world, and in a very true sense, they saved her own life. Here are some reader favorites...

An artist's rendering of a medic rescuing an injured soldier during combat

Blood Brothers

He'd given so many wounded warriors emergency care in Somalia, how could he possibly remember a single soldier years later?

A veteran in combat fatiques holds a bundle of small American flags.

Stephen Berry: Have You Thanked a Veteran?

Stephen Berry, a former combat medic, sings the song he cowrote to honor his fellow veterans. Read Stephen's story!

Nita Talbot signs 'I love you.'

Saying "I Love You" in Sign Language

Nita Talbot, who was inspired to learn sign language, demonstrates a few key phrases. Read Nita's story!

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