Mysterious Ways

Amy and Tom Petruzelli

The Best Investment

Why did I give up $500 without batting an eye?

Hunter with Heater the Dragon

The Sign of the Dragon

A young baseball fan who is deaf received a delightful surprise when he approached the mascot of his favorite team.

Stacks of Bibles

Mysterious Ways: 19 Unexpected Blessings

He cut open the box. There was no bill, no indication of who had ordered the Bibles or why they’d been sent to him.

An artist's rendering of Jackie's miraculous meeting with Mary's mother

Long to Live

Her grandson was struggling with a rare and life-threatening genetic condition, and she felt all alone. She was soon reminded that someone was watching over them both.

Michele's smile. Photo courtesy Shirley J. Storey.

How Two Stories Spoke to You

Readers can feel uncanny connections to stories in Mysterious Ways. Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares two examples.

An artist's humorous rendering of a tree leaning up against a house

His Humorous Ways: The Sign

Worried that a tree had fallen on their home during a storm, they received a most amusing reassurance.

Kevin Hines gazes out at the bridge from which he once made a near-sucidal leap

Last Leap

He thought he wanted to end his life but an unseen figure saved him just in time.

An artist's rendering of a mother and child

A Mother Knows

Medical professionals sometimes discount a mom's gut feelings about her ailing child, but those hunches are often well-founded.

An artist's rendering of the 17th-century mathematician and man of faith, Pascal

Pascal’s Epiphany

This 17th-century mathematician embraced a life of faith following a heavenly vision that he called “a night of fire.”

Yankee great and future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera

The Divine Pitch

The greatest closer in baseball history takes no credit for his success. His magical cutter, says Mariano Rivera, was a gift from God.

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