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Mysterious Ways

Recent Mysterious Ways Stories

A birthday made memorable by the parting of a friend.

by Edward Grinnan

As 2014 draws to a close, we want to know.

by Adam Hunter

front door of a house in the winter

Three unexpected visitors showed up at my door. Just in time…

by Sue Carloni
, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Daniel Kessel

A dream brought grieving radio host Don Geronimo comfort, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

by Adam Hunter

How a pair of matching socks led to the start of a successful business relationship

by Diana Aydin

woman turning down the heat on thermostat

She hadn’t tinkered with the thermostat. Why did the heat come back on?

by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
, Blanco, Texas

Close-up of a precious baby foot

Were they meant to be parents?

by Janelle Ajayi
, Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada

James Creamer - The Mysterious Voice That Saved a Soldier

Two little words that changed my family forever…

by LethaJoy Martin
, Timonium, Maryland

What force held back these lava flows, rolling boulders, tornados, shootings and forest fires?

by Adam Hunter

man's hands clasped in prayer as he prays The Lord's Prayer

My developmentally challenged son couldn’t stop praying…

by Joanne Baston
, Grapevine, Texas

In Costa Rica, a loyal German shepherd solves a horrific crime

by Adam Hunter

Christie Hughes had a premonition she would win the contest... to honor her mom.

by Adam Hunter

Nikki and beloved dog, Sonny

How Mysterious Ways editor Nicole Notare found comfort after losing her beloved dog.

by Nicole Notare
, Contributing Editor

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how these winged creatures boosted his grandmother’s faith.

by Adam Hunter

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