Mysterious Ways: Secret Spaces

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Fort De Roovere, The Netherlands
The Moses Bridge

Imagine following Moses through the parted Red Sea. How amazing would that have been (well, as long as you weren’t Pharaoh)? Crossing the moat of Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands may be the closest thing. The seventeenth-century moat once provided protection from French and Spanish invaders, but it had become a barrier to cyclists and joggers enjoying the newly developed recreation area. Challenged to build an unobtrusive walkway, Dutch architects Ad Kil and Ro Koster turned to the Bible for inspiration. The “Moses Bridge” is made of a special wood that’s treated with antifungal coating, with dams on both sides to keep the water level constant and underwater pumps to prevent flooding after rain. It’s nearly invisible from afar—and now welcomes visitors from around the world: French, Spanish, even Egyptians.–Allison Churchill, Mysterious Ways Contributing Editor