Mysterious Ways: Secret Spaces

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Crossville, Tennessee
Horace Burgess's tree house
Build me a tree house; I’ll provide the material. That’s the message Horace Burgess, a minister from Crossville, Tennessee, received when praying one day in 1993. For years, Horace sawed, drilled and hammered–without any blueprints. God kept the wood coming, much of it recycled from barns or sheds. What resulted is a 97-foot-tall structure nestled in the woods. Its 80 rooms include a chapel, a spiral staircase and a wraparound porch. It’s a masterpiece in the spirit of Noah’s Ark, held together with more than 250,000 nails. The “Minister’s Tree House” is not currently open to the public, but if you’re driving down I-40 in Tennessee, take Exit 320 and make your way to Beehive Lane, where you can see Horace’s creation in all its inspired glory.–Diana Aydin, Mysterious Ways Associate Editor