Mysterious Ways: More Than a Sign

I longed for evidence of God's love to comfort my grieving heart.

By Frances Eiland, Gadsden, Alabama


I sat on the front porch, my eyes welling with tears. It had been a month since my husband, Joe, passed away. We were married for 67 years. In all that time, Joe hardly ever missed a day sitting out here chatting with me—it’s where I loved to watch the clouds drift by. But, really, Joe’s favorite spot was the couch in the back of our house. From there he could see the freight trains barrel through on the tracks just outside our yard. I could still hear his voice, “Look, Frances! Here comes another!” he’d say. Then he’d count the box cars aloud.

Ever since he died, I’d sit here hoping to get a sign from God. I know I shouldn’t doubt you, Lord, I prayed. But please let me know my Joe is with you. My heart is broken.

Today I looked and looked. It might sound silly but I thought maybe I’d see Joe’s name spelled out in the clouds—a sign I couldn’t miss. Then my heart would finally be comforted. But with each passing puffy cloud, my hope faded.

Finally, I went inside and collapsed on the sofa, in Joe’s favorite spot. His magazines were still stacked on the side table. I reached for one. Suddenly, the ground shook. A freight train!

I stood up and peered out the window to watch it roar past. Oh, Joe would’ve really liked this one, I thought, counting the colorful box cars that trailed behind.

Just then, I spotted something. A name. Not spelled out in the clouds, but written in bold, black letters on the side of one of the box cars: JOSEPH.  

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Father I ask you to forgive this stepfather and shower him with your love. I believe love wins over all the bad and that this person will have a change of heart. You see God hears your prayers and will answer and most of all he wants the stepfather to be saved.

Thank you All. The posts are comforting and beautiful. God's blessings of healing and comfort to each of us who's loved ones have gone home to be with the Lord. Much love from me to you.

I love this story. My Dad would be 92 this year. He passed 4 1/2 years ago. The worst part is the forgetting. I sit and try to remember his laugh,the ways in which he said things, the stories of his life. Sometimes I want GOD to "just let me know how he's doing" and to let my Dad know "that I love him very much" but most of all I want my Dad to know that i will never forget him. I needed this today, My Fathers name is Joseph.

Thank you, Laura Jo, for sharing this. These stories are so powerful, not only for the people who experienced them firsthand, but also, as you remind us, for those who read them too. Take care.

As I read the Misterious Ways and Laura Jo's note, Tears beegan to flow. My husband is still living, however, not as his original self. I could no longer take care of him at home and May 8th 2011 started his way to long term care facility. Because of his mental/medical condition it is in a facility 25 miles away. Tears because I have a friend whoes husband was taken to Heaven and then a call from a new acquaintance this week that her husband surcumed to the health issues of dementia/Altzheimers and passed away. My prayers go out to them as many prayers have been for me. I know as I feel the times of complete peace. Thank you two for sharing your stories. Shirley

That's a wonderful story that touches my heart very close! My grandfather, to whom I was VERY close, loved to sit out on his front porch and watch freight trains pass. I remember him even going out in the cold winter with his wool jacket and watching them go by. He was nearly blind with macular degeneration and could hear the trains as they approached and went by, but only able to see a little more than a blur as they passed. I can see him in my mind's eye hearing the approaching train and coming to a standing position with his walking stick, waving at the engineer as the train passed. The engineers noticed and began to watch for him and blow the whistle a couple of short "toot-toot's" for his benefit. That meant so very much to him! He is gone now to be with Jesus in Heaven, but I sure miss sharing our love of trains together. I know I will see him one day again soon, and we will be watching the Glory Train together coming in to the station in Heaven!

This is a beautiful story. I almost cried! I wish I asked for a sign when I lost a loved one.

Tamra, You can still ask your loved one for a sign now. They can hear you. They are only a thought away. I did not ask my husband for any signs when he died because I did not know then what I know now. But I am getting signs from him still, not as often as in the beginning, but they are still coming.

How wonderful God is, to answer those prayers spoken deep within our hearts as we longingly cry out to Him! He knows our hurts and our pains, and He sends comfort and healing in His own way. Sometimes, it's as if He has His arm around us, and is saying, "I'm listening all the time". May God continue to bless you, Frances, and keep you covered with His unending lovingkindness and protection.

I live in Arkansas. About 8-10 years ago a story about a
church in this state had a beautiful experience of God
supplying food at Thanksgiving as they kept serving and
serving - -the food seem to multiply. Then after it
was all gone, a family of 3 came by as the women were
cleaning up the kitchen. They ask the mother to go
look for clothes and toys for the children as they went
to the kitchen to wonder how they would give her a
Thanksgiving dinner. As they looked on the counter, that
had been cleaned before. there was a loaf of 'warm' bread. Then,in the oven,they found the turkey and all the trimmings. Would you please send me this story. I saved it for a long time,then must have given it away.
Thank you so very much. And Blessings for the beautiful stories of faith. I love them all. wilma

I remember the Thanksgiving story you wrote about. It was one of the most fastinating stories I had ever read and have repeated it many times to others. I would love to see it in print again - not only for me but others certainly would enjoy and be blessed by it. I would also love to have the story sent to me.
I love Guidepost and especially His Mysterious Ways and all the wonderful stories of faith.
Thank you,

today marks the two weeks sence my near and dear sister Barbara went home to be with the Lord. The last few days have been heavy with grief. I want to call her just to see how she is , she had been very sick for a long time.Work is hard,we had a business together. I've taken today off. Her birthday is the end of the month. And most of all her kid's are now having trouble with thier step - father, He has chosen to let them have NOTHING of thier Mothers. Which also goes against thier Mothers wishes.
I feel angry and I don't want to. But, I know my dear sister's wishes and her earthly husband does not plan on keeping them, that's how it all looks right now.
I miss her.

I am sorry to hear about your sister, my heart goes out to you. I understand feeling angry, and you dont want to, trust me I can relate also. I guess for me, God knows how we feel any way, and I wrote letters to him, and still do. Actually seeing your feelings and your words on paper, expressing to him how you feel, can in help you heal. I have tried to surround myself with positive stuff, but I know that its tough. I pray that you receive peace for your pain, calm for anger, and a smmiles, love, joy, and hope in your heart. I will be praying that everything will work out for you and your family! May God smile on you!

I just wanted to say a prayer for you for comfort: Lord, I ask that you would be with Lane in a way that she feels you and your arms around her comforting her. Also, Lord, I ask that you would soften that step-father's heart, cause him to have compassion on the children and share the personal items, and to do it in a loving manner.