Mysterious Ways: Pennies from Heaven

Was God really here with me?

By Patricia Redden, Kihei, Hawaii


I was leaving the restaurant where I work when a glimmer caught my eye. The sunlight reflecting off the face of a shiny penny lying in the doorway.  Just a penny, I thought, stepping over it, leaving it for someone else to pick up. I used to believe that “pennies from heaven” were a sign that someone was watching over me. But with all the stress in my life lately, I’d stopped believing in such silly things.

My husband, Tyler, and I had moved to Hawaii four years earlier, hoping to jumpstart our careers as chefs. Hawaii seemed like paradise at first—the food, culture, natural wonders—but I didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to live 6,000 miles from our family in Delaware. There I worked side by side with my parents in their restaurant. If I was having a hard day, I could always swing by their place for a nice long chat. Not here.  “I wish you and Dad were here with me,” I told Mom one night on the phone.

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Now Tyler and I had a toddler and a newborn, and I was exhausted from the long days in the kitchen and even longer nights with an infant. Lord, I need some reassurance that you’re here with me, I prayed one night, rocking my son to sleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw a penny lying at my feet.

Over the coming days, it seemed like I found a penny whenever I was feeling exhausted or anxious. I never told anyone about the pennies, but each time I saw one, I felt a sense of peace.  

Today however, the restaurant had been crazy, and I was tired from too many nights with little sleep. This penny in the doorway? Just a penny. If God was trying to reach me, it wasn’t enough.

“You okay?” Tyler asked that night when I got home.

“I guess so,” I said, shrugging. “Maybe I just need some rest.” I hugged him then headed to bed.

The next morning Tyler kissed me goodbye and headed out the door to work. I was pouring myself a cup of coffee when he burst back in. “Honey, you’ve got to see this,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“What?” I said. I followed him outside to the parking lot of our apartment.

Our parking spot glimmered in the sunshine. Walking closer, I saw why. Encircling our car, and only our car, were hundreds and hundreds of pennies.

“Where do you think they came from?” Tyler asked.

“I’m pretty sure I know,” I said, feeling that peace flow through me once again.

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My boyfriend and best friend passed away 2 weeks ago. He laughed at me the first time he saw me pick up a lucky penny. At that point in our lives we were really struggling financially. The next day we found $10-$15 in change outside our balcony. The next time I picked one up the following day there was a $5 scratch off ticket on the ground. The third time we were walking to the grocery store and there on these perfectly trimmed bushes was a winning scratch off ticket for $30. He asked me one day what my deal was with the pennies. I explained to him the last time I was in St.Louis visiting my grandmothers grave site I said a prayer and asked her to watch over my mom brother and I when i opened my eyes there was 3 pennies sitting on top of her headstone. They were not there when I knelt down to pray I know because I had to look on top of the headstone at the number to locate her grave. I freaked out and left. My friends mother was actually the one to tell me about the pennies from heaven after hearing the story. It gave me great peace.
Well at his funeral a couple weeks ago I was putting change in my friends parking meter and all the sudden a penny fell in the snow. I almost didn't pick it up because it wasn't heads up but I thought thats weird I should check the date. It was 1979 his birth year. I really felt that he was there but later felt I was going crazy. The next day I was walking our dog as we were about to go inside he turned around and drug me back to a patch of black mulch and started sniffing around. Very unusual for our dog. I looked down and a lone penny caught my eye. This time heads up. I picked it up and looked at it. 1990 my birth year. I try not to over think it but I never felt so re assured in my life.

When my mother died several years ago it was so devastating to me. I was a Momma's boy even after I grew up. She led a hard life but never complained, in fact she enjoyed even the smallest pleasures in life.
After she was gone there were times when I could feel her near to me, smell her perfume, the scent of her hair.
At that time I was not even aware of the "Pennies from Heaven" but ironically, one day when I felt her near I said, "Mom I know you are here, if it is you leave me a sign, a penny."
After that I began to find a lone penny in many places, a parking lot, in the garage, in my pocket (where I knew I never kept change), on my desk at work.
I know it is her (and God's way of letting me know she is alright and is still watching over her "Momma's boy."

I appreciate this website and enjoyed this story. I am going through my testing period and it helps to read these stories for encouragement. I had been asking the Lord for a sign from him to just help keep my spirits up and just a few short days later I was taking a walk on a bike path near a rec center and happenened to look down and noticed a penny sitting there.

I said "hey look at that" and a lady whom I hadn't noticed overheard me and she thought I must have found a twenty dollar bill. But sometimes hearing from God is worth way more than money. It was so reasurring to find it especially after I had just asked the Lord for a sign that I would be soon getting out of this testing time. I am convinced the Lord puts us through testing to tell us to slow down and start to enjoy the little things in life like the great feeling you get when you find a penny.

For people like me who are sad just the little things mean so much and that's why I think the trials God puts us through are designed for this purpose. I hope everyone reading this finds their penny of hope and God Bless us all.

Wow i thought i was the only one getting pennies from heaven and the funny thing is ,i used to tell my boys when they were younger that God was sending us pennys from heaven and that made them feel special.Thanks for sharing you'r story .It makes me feel a hole lot better about my thoughts 'rolol'because for a longtime i wondered if i was the only one counting pennies from heaven.Have a great day every one and dont forget 'IN GOD WE TRUST' because with out GOD i really dont know were i'd be....;)

I beleive in GOD and I am a saved christian here in Cleveland, Ohio. I find pennies and it can be possible that it is a sign from God is with me, but I need a financial miricle for money, I am too overwhelmed with bills and not getting a good job and living were I am very comfortable and also I have no true love for a husband-- I just wanna say please God! Do a miricle for me in this wicked world to see EL-Shaddai show-up and show-off in my life, with this covenant I am in him! God Bless! Angel

I live in Canada and I find pennies all the time....but ours don't say in God we trust...but maybe with all the financial stress in my life there still is a meaning I just did not get.


Several years ago, after my husband hurt his back and had to quit his job, we had to leave the beautiful little town where we'd lived, and move a few states away to a large city, since job prospects for him in the small town were nil. My husband tried to sell insurance, but made next to nothing. Finances were terribly tight. We had young children at home. I was able to earn money cleaning apartments in the complex where we lived, and teach a few piano students, but it wasn't enough. I worried about money all the time.

One day while walking on the sidewalk of the apartment complex, I found a bright, shiny penny. I picked it up and was drawn to the words on it: "In God We Trust". I felt those words were meant for me. Each day thereafter, I continued to find a penny. Then, there was a long stretch of several days when I didn't find any pennies. I prayed, "Lord, where are my pennies? I need a penny to help me know You're there." While crossing the parking lot, I came upon several bright, shiny pennies, arranged in a circle-- just sitting there on the asphalt behind a car! I wondered who'd put them there, who'd arranged them in a circle like that, and why no one else had picked them up. It was as though the Lord was saying, "Yes, I AM still here!" Thereafter, I found a penny each day, sometimes in the most unlikely places: One day I'd been cleaning a vacated apartment until late, and thought, "I haven't found a penny today," and then I pulled out the heat vent to clean down inside it, and there I found a penny. Another time I thought there would be none that day, when I got in the back of our van to get something, and there was a penny sticking out from under the spare tire in the back.
For awhile, I started to find not only a penny, but a dime as well--as though the Lord was letting me know that it wasn't just a coincidence that I found a penny each day. (On dimes are also the words, "In God We Trust".) I found the coins in the most unusual places: under the bathroom sink of an apartment I'd been cleaning, under a bag of dog food left on a back patio of an apartment I'd cleaned, on a window ledge.

The interesting thing is, when things improved for us financially, I quit finding pennies. A few years later, when things again "went south" financially for us, and I again started worrying about money, I started to find pennies once more. I would say a little prayer, "Lord, I need a penny today," and I'd find a bright, shiny penny on the carpet of my son's high school as I was entering it, or on the carpet of the grocery store as I was entering or leaving it, and various other places. And, as before, when things improved for us financially, I would quit finding pennies. To this day, it seems that, when I start worrying about money, I often find a penny shortly after.

I know that God hears and answers our prayers, that He doesn't have to give us pennies to show He is there and that He listens to our prayers and is ready to help us; but I feel that sometimes He gives us extra reassurances that He IS there, that He is aware of us, and that He will provide for us. He wants us to turn things over to Him, to thank Him for all He does for us; and He will lead, guide, help, and direct us. We just need to remember: "In God we trust!"

I just looked at the date you posted! 2012! I hope all is still, well with you. I believe all things happen for a reason, in God I Do Trust!

Carrie Bell,

I love your story. Thank you for sharing it. I too, have found a dime with a penny! I thought about it as though it did mean something. Then let it go as a coincidence. I see now that it wasn't. From your words, you sound like you have a close relationship with God.

Best Regards,

I love your story. Whenever I see a penny I always pick it up because it reminds me "In God We Trust."

As Jesus told Thomas in John 20:29 - "... blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." This is where FAITH comes in; Hebrews 11:1 - "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
May God bless.

"In God We Trust" is printed on the front of a penny. I was once told that whenever one finds a penny, it's God's way of reminding us to trust Him.
I enjoyed this story on pennies.

As I sat down to computer A-5 in the library this morning, what did I find but a nice shiny penny sitting next to the mouse. Then I read your story. I'd never thought about "pennies from heaven" before--just always picked them up because I always have. But from now onwards I'll be thinking of them as God's way of encouraging me. And maybe I just might start leaving behind a few pennies of my own, so others might think of His goodness, too.

Elaine Richardson, I said a prayer for you. Sometimes life is tough and we need comfort. May all your boys be healed.

Great story. My favorite department in Guidepost! Chills on this one!!

We have a ceramic Angel bank with the words "Pennies from Heaven " painted on the basket she is holding. I bought it at a Dollar store more than 9 yrs ago. I remember seeing it on the shelf and just had to have it for my young daughter. My daughter, who is now 11 and I find our "heaven pennies" and put them in her angel bank. She has been taught when there is a penny on the ground that Jesus loves us and he is always thinking about us and watching over us. When we find a nickel, dime, etc. we know that He is multipling his love for us that particular day. He is my strength and it is so amazing to me how often I find pennies especially when I feel so lost. It is somewhat scary though if I find multiple pennies in one day not in one spot/location, that reminds me I need to increase my prayers because something is amiss and is working over time!!!

This story also reminds me of something quite amazing that my Husband and I would always do. We somehow would end up looking at the clock at the very same moment, and it would always be an equal number ( ie: 2:22 , 4:44 etc.)We did this for years. It was our little thing telling us we were connected . Since his tragic death I was grieving and longing to just say one more Goodbye. A couple days had passed , and it was very late, and I had no reason to be looking at my phone. But I felt compelled to. I opened it and There was [ 2:22 ].....!!!
It's happened several times since. And amazingly It's always 2:22. Also He died on 2/2 . Irony? I think not. God knows what we need, especially in our moments of Grief and Sorrow. He is the God of Compassion. !!

Loved this story! It brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you!


This was a CRAZY story for me to read!! There have been many times I have found myself in the same or very similar situation, and, there seems to be a penny showing up where I'am. I always thought it was only because,since my brain injury, I was blind in one eye and was always very conscious about my footing, Hmmmmm..., now I can't help believing where and why they always showed up!

Thank You so very much for your story, one in which I can surely relate to.

ps. I always saved them until I had enough to pass onto my grandchildren, as a little "good luck"


I loved these pennies experiences. God has so many ways of showing us He's around. For instance - He speaks to me through hearts. Whenever I am down, I look around; there's a heart shape. I see them in all different places. I've even seen one on the back of a man's shirt who was sweating heavily. The perspiration was outlined in the shape of a heart and my mouth dropped open in amazement! I was really overwhelmed that day and God didn't forget to show me His love.

My husband passed away in 1998. He was an avid coin collector. A week or so after he was buried, when I was feeling at my lowest, I went to visit his grave. As I was leaving, at the foot of his grave was a shiny brand new penny!! I immediately felt his presence, and it was his way of telling me everything's ok, and I'm fine. The penny was face up, by the way, and ever since then when I see a face up penny I know he's looking out for me and I immediately pick it up. I have a special coinbox for them, and I have plenty!!

Thank you for your story.when I first read it I had doubts,but something touched my heart.Infact tears are now flowing down my face and I don't know why.maybe It's from the pain of having two boys in jail or a son who was in a car accident and is fighting to save his foot or maybe It's my health problems.I don't know I feel hope and peace knowing God is here for me as he was for you.thank you for reminding me of that fact and showing me to keep believing in God,and to trust him and keep faith alive.

They have been a sign for me for the past 12 years.
"A penny is a sign of Love, that God is listening from Above". That thought has brought me through a lot, and keeps me 'looking up'.

When I see pennies, I always pick them up because whatever I am concerned about at that moment, it reminds me to trust God. Each coin says "In God we Trust." Once I pick it up, I say okay God I am going to trust you on ... whatever it is that I am thinking about.

God bless you sweety, I want to say how much I was moved by your story and how I believe you, its much like my own story with pennies, so this was confirmation to my soul n spirit and brings about assurance, Amen? Anyhow some years ago I was standing in my kitchen I think wiping off the counter top, and I was very low on food and suffering from lack and poverty,I had little to almost nothing to feed my children , but I noticed 2 pennies on the counter and I usually throw pennies away, but I slid the 2 pennies under a loaf of bread (which was one of the few things I had) I made a quiet vow or covenant with God, and said if I come back to that place/counter later and found the pennies in their place I would trust Him more, well I came back and one of the pennies were gone, so beside me being disappointed I had began to worry again, and then one thing lead to another, I think at that I had experienced a Job experience, I had began to lose everything one by one, my lights were turned off, I had no money and less food, my heat I think was next, my internet and cable was off, I think all I had left was my phone, I think for a moment of me using my natural sense and focus I began to worry more, but then I thought about the pennies, and I laid down easing my mind and just thinking and saying "God I put it all in your hands,not even an hour later my phone rang with someone on the other end telling me how to go and get my lights and my gas turned back on, within days my friend came and took me to food pantry after food pantry and it seem like for the rest of that month everytime I turned around there was a food drive and God made provisions for me to get to them....

Now years later everytime I see 2 pennies and they show up all around me mind you, 2 dimes, 2 dollars, whatever if I see 2's I'm convinced that God has something to do with them, I was lead to the story in the Bible about the woman with the 2 mites, wow God I always think.......

by saving my pennies when i find them i know now that i know that i know without a doubt He has been watching over me.and mine.