Wonderful Booklets from Guideposts

I’m so excited to have all the wonderful booklets from Guideposts. Yesterday I had the occasion to provide two of them to a young woman whose mother had just died and she is totally lost in her grief. Thank you for an abundance of uplifting, inspiring, encouraging pamphlets for any occasion. You’ve made me ready to meet whatever challenge comes my way now.

Positve Source of Inspiration

I support Guideposts because it is such a positive source of inspiration. I love reading about real life stories of people leading ordinary lives and how the spirit of God is a very real part of it. It helps me to remember that God is there in the personal lives of each of us. It also helps me to keep a positive spirit when times seem very dismal.

Needs Encouragement

One day my director came in with a big box of Guideposts booklets. I was curious so she offered to give me some booklets to read. A working mother like me really needs encouragement quickly. Now that I have Spirit Lifters I’m up before the baby every morning reading it, and it always makes me have a better day!

I'm Thankful

It’s so inspiring to hear about persons who have been touched by the writings of Dr. Peale. I’m thankful each and every day for the Facebook Prayer Ministry and feel the prayers myself. Even though I seldom ask for prayer for myself, when my sciatic nerve was paining me, I did mention it and just a couple of days, I was relieved. Thank God for all of those prayer warriors.