Discover the Healing Power of the 23rd Psalm

God wants to restore joy and gladness to your life.

By Norman Vincent Peale


One of the best-loved chapters in the Bible is Psalm 23. Here David, a former shepherd himself, compares us humans to sheep lovingly cared for by The Good Shepherd. “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul” (verses 1-3).

The human mind, like the human body, needs refreshment and encouragement. And like the human body, a mind can be wounded. Sorrow is a wound. It cuts deeply, but sorrow is a clean wound, and will heal, unless something gets into the wound—such as bitterness, self-pity or resentment.

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Wrong is also a wound.  When I deliberately do something I know is wrong, I wound my mind, and it is an unclean wound. Time will not heal that wound. Gradually, a sense of guilt will develop, and that can destroy a life. There is only one Physician who can heal this wound.

"He refreshes my soul" can have another meaning. Moffatt translates it to read, "He revives life in me." Like a watch, the human spirit can just run down. We lose our drive and push. We become less willing to attempt the difficult. Like squeezing the juice from an orange and leaving just the pulp, life has a way of squeezing the spirit out of a person. The dawn of a new day leaves us cold and hopeless.

The Bible tells us that God made the first human being, "and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul" (Genesis 2:7). And God has the power and the willingness to breathe a new breath of life into anyone who has lost his own energy and enthusiasm.

Just as a shepherd makes sure his sheep are content and well-cared for, so God wants to restore joy and gladness to your life, to heal the wounds that wear you down.

Take time today to read Psalm 23…and be refreshed by its good news!

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Please I have been trying to get some outreach books. I desoeratelu want the one "The Healing Power of the 23rd Psalm" Can I order 20 of them???????

Hello Julie. You can order that and other complimentary Guideposts publications by phone at 1-800-935-0158, ext 0404, or online at:

I sent a check to pay for some booklets titled "The Healing Power of the 23rd Psalm"
to be sent to Stella Cates
27 Estate Lane
Forney, TX 75126
I have not received the booklets and my check has never been cashed. Can you check on this for me?

Hello Stella. The contact info for our complimentary publications department is:

39 Old Ridgebury Road
Suite 2AB, Danbury, CT 06810
1-845-855-4352 or 1-800-935-0158 ext 4352

I would recommend contacting them via email or the 800 number.

I was given the publication of The Healing Powers of the 23rd Psalm by my dentist as I was telling her of health problems that I was having and had for a long time and the I was taking care of my ill husband that has no chance of getting better. Oh how this little book has changed me and given me hope. I read it every day and I get counseling twice a week to help me to cope and it is so strange that many of the things they say to me are exactly what is in this little book. I tell everyone about it so I decided to order some to give away to those that are interested and hope it blesses them as it does me. Thank you so very much. Shirley

I would like to purchase 20 copies of the Healing Power of the 23rd Psalms. The booklet was given to me and I want to share with some friends.
Please contact me and let me know the amount and mailing address.
I so love this booklet. It make me really understand the meaning of this Scripture.

Thanks so much!

Hello Juanita. You can order that and other complimentary Guideposts publications by phone at 1-800-935-0158, ext 0404, or online at:

13 yrs ago my wife had a brain tumor and was giving a booklet of the 23 Psalms. I am a believer and we ordered these booklets and gave them away when we would go to MD Anderson while waiting for blood work in thr lobby area. We would also give away inside the books a pamphlet for the plan of salvation. My wife as sinced passed away 10 yrs ago but was wondering if the booklet was still available. Thank you, ElvinBowman

Hello Elvin. You can order that and other complimentary Guideposts publications by phone at 1-800-935-0158, ext 0404, or online at:

I would like to order copies of:

"The Healing Power Of The 23rd Psalm" pamphlet.

Thank you,
Debbie Vespa

Hello Debbie. You can order that and other complimentary Guideposts publications by phone at 1-800-935-0158, ext 0404, or online at:

Norman was a great man who knew how to combine motivation and looking to God for our sustenance and peace in life.

so grateful this devotional on Ps. 23. This is my go to Psalm whenever troubled times come. I know that this Psalm will give me comfort. I like Moffatt,s translation "He revives life in me. After losing my mother and husband back to back within 5 months that is what God did for me. He revived me, put life back into me when I thought it was impossible. Good work.

Thanks I needed to hear this. To kn ow that God cares & is with me always. I retired Thursday & I know It was what God wanted me to do & that he will make a way for me. All of us,day by day & forever if we trust in him. Thanks Guidepost. I t came when I needed it most!!!!!!!!!!! Also this psalm is my special psalm.

What a wonderful study on the 23rd Psalm. All the teaching rings true in my life today; this is an encouagement and a blessing to read this morning. Thank you, Guideposts, for all the positive stories, articles and devotions you provide here and in your magazines. You uplift my heart during this difficult time.

"Discover the Healing of the Power of the 23rd Psalm" was something that I needed to read today. I never had the privilege of meeting Dr. Peale, but I can easily imagine what a vibrant man he was by reading his words of hope - for me, they have an energy that continually helps me to get through life's frightening moments.

Thank you for this website, sharing Dr. Peale's messages, and the messages of others that help so much. -- You are all truly a wonderful gift from God.