Suit Up in God's Armor

Norman Vincent Peale shares three essentials every Christian needs to succeed.

By Norman Vincent Peale


You wouldn’t play tennis in your bare feet. You wouldn’t mountain climb in your pajamas. You wouldn’t swim in your winter coat. So why go into battle without the proper attire?

Ephesians, chapter 6, has a lot to say about the battle every Christian is fighting. This Scripture passage uses the symbolic language of the ancient warrior in armor who goes out to fight the good fight. And that fight we are to wage is against evil in one’s own heart and in the world. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (verse 12).

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The struggle of the believing Christian is against vast and entrenched forces of evil and he must be very strong. And he will be strong, if he follows the Apostle Paul’s advice on what to wear. “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (verse 11).

This armor is put on first by buckling on the belt of truth. When encircled with truth, nothing can ever get through your spiritual defenses to defeat you. Then put on the breastplate of righteousness. This refers to the protection given by goodness and by right-mindedness (verse 14). Put on your feet the gospel of peace, so that wherever you go, goodness goes also and evil flees away (verse 15). Take the shield of faith (verse 16). The shield was designed to protect the heart, the vital center. If always you have faith in your heart, your life center is shielded and protected.

Then put on the helmet of salvation (verse 17). The helmet was designed to protect the head against thoughts of evil, against negative thoughts. The mind must be kept strong in the Lord, for the mind is ever subject to the attack of wrong thoughts. And wrong thoughts destroy.

And finally, take the sword of the spirit (verse 17), the bright and shining sword of God’s Word, and with it strike out against every evil thing in life.

Yes, life is a war of good against evil. But—good news!—you’re on the winning side. Just don’t forget to “suit up” for battle.

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how to live like a disciple of Christ... simple,disciplined

and I wouldlike to ask? How to aquire True Faith?

To Whom It May Concerned,
The undersigned is a bonified member of a Chotolic Church
a legal ages marrieges and residing at Germany at ppresent.
I believe God as His Infinite Wisdom, and Power we can experience in our daily life, in our invironment, in the face of our fellow men, and in everything, we encouter Him daily at His Holy words in the Bible. almost evrybody reads the Bible,
my question is why so much groupe or Dinaminations, sects and some religious organizations? and if you read the whole Bible it contains more 50 commandments that is for one book the book of StJames or more commandments, how about the other books? It is but worht to be replected that ; we should take some precautions and some actions to know and to fallow what the Bible commanded us... and in Revealations only 144,000 only to be saved?

Bruce, it sounds to me like you haven't bothered to read the Bible or what Jesus taught. You've missed the entire point of Christianity and the teachings of Christ. Jesus died to forgive us of sin, and through his grace give us a place in heaven. He did take care of people, and visit prisoners, etc. but all to the glory of God in heaven and every miracle he performed, every deed he did was to further the gospel. Jesus made it very clear that we are battling against evil and that we must fight the spiritual battle. If you disagree with what he taught, that's your choice, but don't twist Jesus' teachings into something more palatable that you like and think works for you in your understanding.

Your statement that "Jesus did not establish any church with a bunch of rules" is just well, my jaw hit the floor and then I wasn't sure whether to laugh or what. Please read the New Testament and see how often he quotes those funny old "rules" from Scripture in the Old Testament. The "church" with all those rules was already established and Jesus came to be the messiah of that established church. He didn't say "Hey guys, let's all be cool and do our own thing and just be nice to people." Unbelievers like to think that about Jesus but those are people who haven't bothered to read and study the Bible.

If you take issue with what the Bible says and what Jesus taught, that's your choice, but don't go around saying Jesus did this or Jesus said that when you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. You can't have it both ways. Either you believe in Christ or you don't.

To Bruce Bogin
It's true that evil is within the church, but everyone is free to read the Bible and read for themselves what Jesus said. What did Jesus say about the things you mention?
What did He say about who is a sinner?
What did He say about sexuality?
What did he say about who gets into heaven?

This excerpt is certainly a good reference of power to assist you in staying prepared on a daily basis. In our daily walk, it is easy to forget to stay prepared for the enemy and his schemes. It is so important to keep ourselves in the correct spirit and mind set that is governed by God. Thanks for the reminder and the reassurance. God is so good and worthy to be praised and adored.


I think that much of the evil that Reverend Peale refers to is in Christianity itself. I think we need to keep in mind thast Jesus did not establish any church with a bunch of rules. He had quite enough of that in his own religion. And that is one of the things he preached against, the fact that the Jewish establishment had lost its way and was not taking care of the people. Jesus's doctrine was exceedingly simple--feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, take care of those in need like widows orphans and the handicapped, and visit the prisoners. In other words, love one another. Today we have churches which claim that they and they alone have the truth. Their interpretation of the Bible is the only correct one. Their interpretaion of Jesus is the only correct one. Their rules on who is in and who is out, on sexuality, on who is a sinner, on who gets into heaven, and so on and so forth are in limitation of who Jesus was. If we are to fear evil and gird to fight it, we must first look to the evil within ourselves and within what calls itself Christianity.