Take Charge of Your Finances

Rise above your money problems with these principles drawn from the Bible.

By Norman Vincent Peale


At this very moment, thousands of people are facing financial difficulties and economic challenges. Perhaps you’re one of them. If so, here’s good news: God wants to be part of every aspect of your life; he wants to help you face every problem. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Let these four sound principles of money management help you take charge of your finances and begin living life to its fullest:

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1. Think Creatively
If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. So, if you are having financial difficulties, take a close look at how you got into this situation. Strive to approach things in a fresh, new way. But remember—it is impossible to think creative thoughts out of a mind that is worried. You need to ask God to give you a peaceful mind through which he can send an answer to your money problems. Jesus said: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life...” (Luke 12:22). Worry blocks creative thinking and tends to stop the flow of prosperity. Center your mind on God and his abundance.

2. Be Knowledgeable
Know what your own financial situation is. Make a complete list of all your assets and debts. Organization, aided by discipline, helps us use what we have wisely. Jesus taught us, in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), that we are accountable for what God has given us. Use your finances wisely, no matter how little (or much!) you have.

3. Tap into the “Law of Supply”
The “Law of Supply” demonstrates that the world is full of goodness and that we can draw on that goodness. It means that life is full of prosperity and we can draw on that prosperity. But you will never get these good things by grabbing or holding; you get them by giving. Give yourself completely to Jesus Christ and then start giving yourself to others. Give by praying for people. Give love, especially if you aren’t getting love. Give your time. Give money. “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (Luke 6:38).

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4. Pray
The highest form of thinking is prayer. In prayer, you think God’s thoughts after him. You let that “mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5). Through prayer, you get sudden insights. You are guided to overcome depressing difficulties. When you open your heart to God’s wisdom, you will find you have within yourself what it takes to stand up to anything!

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If any Christians are ill, they should go to a church that believes God heals and have the elders anoint and pray over them. They should meditate on scripture about healings, confess health and wholeness, and most importantly, expect to be healed.

Stop waiting for a job. God has given us all gifts and talents. Christians should use their gifts and talents to start their own businesses and nonprofit organizations. God has promised to bless every good work we put our hands to.


Hi William. Please contact our customer service department at (800) 431-2344 or by email at csinquiry@guideposts.org. They will be able to assist you.

What wonderful words of wisdom and awesome insight. Thanks for being there and I hope you know how you touch the hearts of others in the most amazing way!

Im with you ladies on things. I was out of work for 7 months due to cancer surgery and treatments. I was getting disability and lots of PTO donations at that time and was in great shape financially but now I am back to working full time and have so many dr bills to try to pay off that I dont know if I am coming or going most of the time. with the bills, medications, and utitlities and note payment, most of the time I dont even have money to buy food. the only saving thing there is that I work at a hospital and I get a lunch ticket to eat in the cafeteria so I am able to eat enough to be satisfied that way. We all need to just pray for each other and hang in there! In Christ's Love!

Dear all, I'm moved to tears this morning for your open hearts an generous spirits, truly shining the light of God's love and peace to those in need. In tough times I rely on Proverbs 3:5 "Lean not unto thine own understanding but trust in the Lord and He will make straight your path". Praying for continued healing for those who are hurting.

Hi Jeneane. I want you to know that you are not alone in jealousy and enviouness in the work place. I am a nurse and have found it is a common occurance. I worked at several different places before I finally found a place where I could stay. When I had no job, no hope of finding one, God gave me an old half dollar, I found it under my carport one day when I was in deep despair. Then I knew He would always be with me, provide what I needed and He has. I will pray for you.I know He will also provide for you.

My name is Jeneane and i'm asking for everyone to pray for me. I've been out of work for 2 1/2 years. At first, i was getting a good amount of unemployment but now it is barely enough to make it. Even though my husband works, I Feel like a failure sometimes. I trust God and I know he is a provider but im human. I find myself asking "why me". I have had preachers and prophets tell me im out of work for a reason. No one knows what i went through on my last two jobs. I didnt get layed off from anything that I did, it was because of jealousy and enviousness of others that caused the situation. I was depressed for a long time because i've always worked every since i was 14 years old so to be without a job was unexceptable. I've learned to trust God and to always put him first but im human and sometimes that worrying comes upon me and attacks my faith. Please pray for me to stay strong. Thank you

Hello Jeneane! I pray that GOD will bless you and give you a great job or a business so that you can give and bless others. Financial blessings and good health to you, your friends and family.

Hi Jeneane,
My name is safuri and I pray with you today that the Lord continue to be with you and strengthens you day by day. You must remember what the scripture tells us that all things,I mean, all things, not some things, but all things work for good for those who trusts in the Lord. Your being out of work is for a reason. Pray God to open your eyes to the reasons and to utilize you for his good work while you're out of work. It so happens that perhaps God has a plan for you to work for yourself. Surrender the situation in prayer and you will see how the answer will come quietly while you wait and trust on him. May the God of peace grant you peace and understanding, and may his presence continue to surround you all the days of your Life. In Jesus' Christ name I pray. amen.

Thanks Safuri, I also appreciate your words of encouragement and your prayers. When I post my request this morning, I never expected to get the responses that i've received so soon. I am so grateful to God that there is real people out here that care about others and are willing to help others in their time of need. Since I've been out of work, it has allowed me to have a closer walk with God sometimes worrying jumps on me but I manage to get through it. I stay on my knees praying and asking God what is his will for my life and to lead me and guide me on the right path. So I thank all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement. May God send extra blessings to you all. Thanks so much Jeneane

Good Morning Jeneane, I feel your pain I was laid off from my job of 7 years on June 1st, I was like wow what do I do now? I feel like crying sometimes, I get mad, I feel like a failure too but I know all this happened for a reason in my case its due to outsourcing and little by little everyone at the company is getting let go. In times like this it is hard to keep the faith but hold on keep praying know that God probably took you out of that situation for a reason. I prayed for you so get ready for a blessing Jeneane get ready, but you have to put in your mind its my time if you apply for a job that you feel you really want claim it! Not knowing exactly what the situation consist of on your last job but working with women is very difficult you have to have the mind set to come in everyday do your work stay out of the gossip loop just ignore people and when they do things deliberately to try to hurt you remember this scripture Deuteronomy 28:7. Please know that some people are so miserable they can't stand to see others prosper and be happy but learn to ignore them pray and leave it to God to handle and trust he will. Be strong hang in there it's your time to shine girl "GO GET YOUR BLESSING". God bless you my sister, Donna

Thank you for your words of wisdom and most of all your prayers. Sometimes words can go so far if its coming from the heart. Im so thankful that you took time out of your schedule to pray for me. It really means a lot and i pray that God will send a extra blessing your way. Everybody is not blessed with the gift to minister to people like you do and to help them through their situation. Thank God he chose you and continue to be a blessing to others. This is where your blessings will come throuh your ministring to others. Take care and be blessed Mrs. DONNA. Jeneane Hill

I am writing this at 4:10am while having another sleepless, painful night. I have a collapsed hip joint, needing to lose weight before surgery,and having alot of pain in the meantime. I have been put on medical leave from work, so I have no income coming in. This is very stressful. I just need prayers.

I pray that our awesome GOD will heal you and for financial blessings! Don't stress, put your problems in GOD's hands and forget about it. I know that GOD will help you.

Hi Judy,
As hard as it is to believe, God is in the midst of your situation. I pray this day with you that the Lord almighty grant you strength and healing from all your medical situations. I pray in the name of Jesus for God's mercy to bless your finances and provide for your need. I pray that God almighty will release his warriors of angels to surround you and do for you what you need done. I pray for peace for you, that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with you. May God in his mercy heal you in the mind, in the soul, and in the body, and may our great God Jesus Christ restore you to perfect health, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Hi Judy,
I read your post and I am praying that Our heavenly Father will give you the wisdom to be an overcomer over all situations. You must surrender this day to the Lord and act on His promptings through the power of the Holy Spirit. Fast and pray with your Bible for a few hours for God's answers. Always give Him thanks and gratitude for what He has already done and will continue to do in faith. I am in agreement with you that God will answers prayers according to His will. Be Good and do Good!!!


Hi, Judy
I am also on medical leave from work, my husband passed away recently and due to overwhelming grief and stress my blood pressure has been very high. Just when I think I'm on my last penny God has provided for me. Have faith and know he wants to take care of you. I'll be praying for your finances, weight loss and pain control. I know God will provide all of these for you!!!