The Key to Hearing God's Voice

Norman Vincent Peale offers Scripture and tips to grow your relationship with God.

By Norman Vincent Peale


It’s impossible to go anywhere these days without overhearing other people’s “private” conversations. Folks tend to chatter away no matter where they are or who is within earshot. If you’re like most people, you’ve cultivated the ability to hear-without-listening. And while this is a pragmatic strategy for everyday life, it is a disastrous way to approach your relationship with God.

In Isaiah 55:3, God admonishes us to, “Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you.” All too often, God’s truth does not penetrate the control center of our lives. But when you “incline your ear,” that is, lean earnestly toward God, incline your whole personality and really listen, then deep within your soul you will receive all good things. Indeed, you will experience such quality and intensity of life that you will be amazed.

But there is a cost for this benefit. God, in effect, makes a proposition; the Bible calls it an “everlasting covenant.” It’s this: You must forsake any wicked way and stop thinking bad thoughts and return unto the Lord. It’s just as simple as that.

This is a change that may not be easy. It will require courage and discipline. But Isaiah 55:12 promises that if we accept His proposition, life will be so wonderful that it will be just as if the mountains and the hills were singing and every tree was clapping its hands. Good things, not bad things, will happen to you. And this flow of goodness will never cease as long as you live.

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I do not understand this. I know we are supposed to be silent and just listen for the Holy Spirit leading us, guiding us etc... but HOW do I know it is the HS and not just my mind telling me what I want to hear?? I pray before sitting in silence and ask God to clear my mind so that I may hear his voice but as I sit, my mind again becomes clouded with thoughts and I never feel as if I am doing this right

My question is the same as hers my friend


Beautifully stated! I wish more people could experience this relationship with the Holy Spirit. Lisa, you have a gift with words, I think, with your knowledge and experience with the Holy Spirit you could reach out and save a lot of souls. God Bless!

This is so true and part of what is meant by being "attached to His Vine". Staying connected with Him, and allowing ourselves to be in alignement with the Holy Spirit on a continual basis may SOUND restricting but is actually the most blessed, joyful, peaceful state of Being you will ever experience.