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Online Devotional

Recent Online Devotional Stories

After a year, I resigned myself to the inevitable: I'd never get a love letter.

by Rhoda Blecker

We did just what he suggested, and an amazing thing happened.

by Dave Franco

Missouri on the map

A little girl's tears are a reminder of hope and faith.

by Scott Walker


A man stuck in a rut finds new hope in a fellow church-goer.

by Scott Walker

How do we forgive and forget in this age when nothing can truly be forgotten?

by Rick Hamlin

Running for her coach

Holland Reynolds,16, was determined to win for her dying coach. Even if she had to cross the finish line on her hands and knees.

by Ron Berler

Mark Buehrle gives dogs hope through Sox for Strays

When a lost dog was found badly injured, this baseball player stepped up to the plate.

by Ron Berler

A widow finds new hope in life through a dream.

by Betty Sahlberg
, Harrison, Maine

Karol Ladd

No matter what happens in a person's life, these three simple steps, along with hope and faith, can help one find peace and keep self-pity at bay.

by Karol Ladd
, Author of "The Power of a Positive Mom"

Light through the clouds

A new year is ahead. Now is the time for optimistic thinking. Define what it is that you hope for—and ask for it!

by Norman Vincent Peale

It's A Wonderful Life is one of many inspiring Christmas stories

Christmas stories and movies are full of hope. This family turned on a classic to give them a little inspiration.

by Kim Sheckler
, Torrance, California

Christmas stories: Camel gives troubled boy hope

What did a special-needs camel and a troubled teen have in common? Hope—and a reason to heal.

by Brent Thackerson
, Edmond, Oklahoma

Mother has hope as son battles Leukemia

This mother needed something to help her cope as she watched her son battle leukemia.

by Nancy George
, Richardson, Texas

Christmas stories: Stocking reminds father of holiday hope

One of those inspiring Christmas stories that reminds us about the holiday traditions we all hold dear.

by Jim Hinch

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