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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Answered Prayers

It has been said there are three answers to our prayers: “yes,” “no” or “wait a while.”  However, underlying each and every answer is the silent promise, “I am here.”  Experience the power of God's love and feel the comfort of God’s presence in these true stories of answered prayer.

  • December 20, 2014
    Thank You Lord for always seeing to my needs. Thank You Lord for healing my body!
    By Georgia
  • December 20, 2014
    Thank you, God, for answering our prayers. My son got the job! Praise God!
  • December 20, 2014
    At the doctor's appointment I was given progesterone tablets and neither surgery nor Chemo was suggested. The doctor said I can remain on the medicine for awhile. Praise the Lord! and thank you.
    By Terre
  • December 20, 2014
    Thank you lord for all the sufferings of jesus christ in earth and father God and holy spirit for guiding us. Thank you for all the pains and sufferings. Thank you for always there even if we sinned to you.I miss you a lot and I love you.thank you for keeping us alive for the food we eat, for the money we receive, for keeping us healthy and happy, for having my two dogs in my life. to god be all the glory and praise.thank you prayer warriors
    By k
  • December 20, 2014
    Praise God!!! We give thanks for all the blessings he gives for our loved ones and us . We thank him for this Christmas season and pray for peace,joy and love in the hearts of all. Praise the Lord!!!
    By Jean
  • December 20, 2014
    Dear God, Thank you for answering my biology and physics prayer requests. Thank you for blessing my family with another day of life and all of our blessings. Thank you and God bless you all!
    By S.
  • December 19, 2014
    Thank you for four years and six months being in this new relationship. And as of Saturday it'll be two weeks we've been married. I am grateful I have such a wonderful new husband, who was thoughtful, loving, giving, and spirit filled with his love for the Lord. God is first in our life. This has made all the difference in the world in this relationship! Thank you prayer warriors for your continued prayers, bless you this holiday season with love, joy, Laughter, peace, good health, financial gain, family, friends, and renewed faith! Amen alleluia!
    By K & S
  • December 19, 2014
    Praise God that He has kept our sixteen month old grandson, Michael, safe and developing as he has Down Syndrome and that the Lord will protect Michael and our family against false allegations of abuse from our daughter, Katie's, ex-boyfriend, Jordan. Thanks.
    By Pirate Jon
  • December 19, 2014
    My Lord and My Guardian angels has always been a large part of my life. I have so many miracles it is hard to tell them all. I guess the one I will tell is of the time I was called by my doctors office after having blood tests. The results indicated Leukemia and I was sent to an oncologist. To make a long story short I do not have Leukemia and am healthy today. Also the time they were sure that I had breast cancer and wanted to do a biopsy. I did not even have to have the biopsy as the Mammogram was clear when I went in for the procedure. These were both years ago. God has been good to me all of my life. As a retired RN I know that these were true miracles in my live. May you all live in the light of his Presents always and may that light heal you and met all of your needs.
    By Jewell
  • December 19, 2014
    I prayed for my Son that he would go to rehab. And the next day he put himself in. Now I ask you to pray that he stays strong and remains sober. It is a long road but I feel with strength, love and lots of Prayers he will get there. Thank you all God Bless
    By Susan