A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Answered Prayers

It has been said there are three answers to our prayers: “yes,” “no” or “wait a while.”  However, underlying each and every answer is the silent promise, “I am here.”  Experience the power of God's love and feel the comfort of God’s presence in these true stories of answered prayer.

  • September 8, 2014
    Praise the Lord for his loving kindness and forgiving mercy. May his will be done in all our hearts and lives. Thank you Lord for your blessings and loving care for my husband and family. Please comfort those who are facing difficult times. Praise the Lord!!!
    By Jean
  • September 7, 2014
    God, thank You for a good night's sleep. Thank You for my brother's violin recital; even though few people came to watch, it was recorded and he thought it went really well.
    By Pointsettia
  • September 6, 2014
    Thanks for all you prayers for my son in law Billy Graves. He had open heart surgery yesterday. My daughter told me that he is setting up and talking now. I appreciate your prayers and praise God for all his care and healing of loved ones.
    By sallie
  • September 6, 2014
    My son in law Billy -s had open heart surgery yesterday. My daughter stated that he is doing well. He is sitting up in bed and
    By sallie
  • September 6, 2014
    I asked for prayer for my children who both recently ended relationships and were having a difficult time. My son and daughter are doing very well. My prayer is the Lord will bring Christian partners into their lives. Thank you for praying for them!
    By Helen
  • September 6, 2014
    I asked for prayers to help in relief of some financial burdens. My prayers were answered in the form of a wonderful promotion. Thank you Jesus and all who prayed.
    By laura
  • September 6, 2014
    I'm so blessed and thankful,because of your prayer my nephew has found a job.To god be all the glory!
    By ruth
  • September 6, 2014
    I have been submitting the name of my son Kevin for months or years. Kevin has suffered emotional trauma due to the his rejection at birth as an adopted son and his rejection by his adoptive father and he's had a myriad of difficulties based on that. You have prayed and prayed for him. He will do very well for awhile and then slip back into his clinical depression and his own personal ways to cope with that depression which are mostly destructive. Even though he is filled with the Holy Spirit and he is a minister he continues to have those struggles back-and-forth. God has always had his hand on Kevin and kept him from some very serious self-destructive behaviors or other destructive behaviors for which he is not responsible. Satan has tried to take him out over and over and over again. On Thursday Kevin was involved in a tragic accident that literally destroyed his car and there was an attempt to destroy his life. But the hand of God was with him. In fact we even have a picture of the hand of God hovering over his overturned vehicle. No one thought he would survive but he came out with a couple of very small fractures that don't even need that medical attention and scrapes, bruises and abrasions. Praise God for his favor, his hand of protection, his angels who were all around him and thank you for your prayers
    By Carole D
  • September 5, 2014
    Thank you so much for praying for my grandson, he is doing a lot better. And thank you for praying for a financial breakthrough. I was able to pay all my bills. To God be the glory.
    By Gaynell
  • September 5, 2014
    I give thanks to God and all praise for the growth in my faith and spirituality. I give thanks for the restoration/reunion of Anwar and I,the renewing and strengthening of our love and bond, and our "first" date, again. I have been standing in prayer and faith, thank y'all for your prayers, too! I think God for our future and our children. Be encouraged, God is making a way even when we don't see it!
    By Andrea