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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Answered Prayers

It has been said there are three answers to our prayers: “yes,” “no” or “wait a while.”  However, underlying each and every answer is the silent promise, “I am here.”  Experience the power of God's love and feel the comfort of God’s presence in these true stories of answered prayer.

  • February 22, 2012
    Thank You Lord for giving us a chance to spend the holidays here with my family, and granting us such lovely winter that we experience for the first time! Thank You, Lord, for the gift of family and for the harmony and all your blessings! To God be the glory!
    By Mrs F
  • February 22, 2012
    Thank you to everyone that prayed for me. These last few days have left me weary. God once again has answered my prayers. I was able to get the tire on my car repaired without paying any additional costs. Thank you God. Hallelujah!
    By Lisa
  • February 22, 2012
    Thank you for praying for our little store. We beat last year's sales. We are also building our staff! God bless you!
    By Linda
  • February 22, 2012
    Thanks be to God! My brain cancer is in remission!
    By marlo
  • February 22, 2012
    We have been praying for my dad, Joe - who has had a few strokes and hasn't been able to walk on his own. Yesterday 2/21, he walked for the first time in months, with the use of a walker. Praise the Lord!
    By Michelene
  • February 22, 2012
    Thank You Lord for the answered prayer. My item finally came today safe :) Thank You so very much..
  • February 22, 2012
    God always answers all my prayers and all my dreams and wishes do come true! Blessings and many thanks!
    By k
  • February 22, 2012
    "God, thank you for all the grace and favors which you have given me
    By eb
  • February 22, 2012
    God has answered my prayer for J. She is being healed mentally,emotionally and spritiually. A door has opened for part time work which will enable her to secure housing for her desperate family situation. She and three others have been in a one room effeciency for over a year.God has brought a Boaz(Book of Ruth)into her life. To God be the glory...all is in HIS HANDS
    By angie
  • February 22, 2012
    Thank you Lord for providing all our needs. Praise the Lord for all his mercy.
    By JEAN