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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Answered Prayers

It has been said there are three answers to our prayers: “yes,” “no” or “wait a while.”  However, underlying each and every answer is the silent promise, “I am here.”  Experience the power of God's love and feel the comfort of God’s presence in these true stories of answered prayer.

  • January 18, 2015
    Praise God I asked for prayer for my daughter to do well on Quarterly exams and a paper in Nov, praise God she did. She had flu in December that I requested prayer for., Thank God she is over it.3. God blessed also.her to well on a special program
    By BJR
  • January 17, 2015
    Dear Jesus, thank You for answering all my prayers..Your way…the best way….thank You for Sher's new job and for her new relationship with Ron…thank You for putting my Gerry in my life….thank You for healing me last week when i was sick and called to You for healing….You have supplied all our needs as we depend on You for everything….i love You…thank You for saving me
    By christi
  • January 17, 2015
    Thank you so much for continuously praying for our daughter/son in law over months, as they faced infertility. We just learned an ENORMOUS blessing...we are expecting our first grandchild, against all odds!! The POWER of PRAYER...Amen, in Jesus' name, and thank you!!!
    By Mrs. B.
  • January 17, 2015
    Thank you Heavenly Father for healing Lynn of her cancer. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage in this time of stress and of the unknown. Thank you for my son's promotion.
  • January 17, 2015
    God answered my prayer and gave me someone to love. Now I need to learn not to be afraid to love him because he is waiting for me patiently. Thank you.
    By Colleen
  • January 17, 2015
    I asked for prayers for my son so many times, to deal with his alcoholism. He was bad for over 7 years. He has been sober now for over 6...and he is newly engaged and has a great job. I know this would not be possible with out God's intervention. I know because I tried to make him get sober (especially when he was young and lived at home). Nothing I did work, neither did jail or any treatment centers...Until HE was ready. Then God was waiting for him. I am forever grateful for the power of everyone's prayers that kept my son alive long enough to get the help he needed. Thank you all, forever.
    By grateful mom
  • January 17, 2015
    Thank you Jesus for waking me up this morning with the activity of my limbs. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you in advance for answered prayers Thank you for the prayers that you have already answered. Thank you for the Guide Post/Our Prayer team. Thank you for being an Awesome God. God Bless everyone!!!
    By L
  • January 17, 2015
    I recently asked for prayer regarding a problem my son was having. God heard our prayer and helped my son. I had also been privately praying about a work issue I was having and almost at the same time God answered my prayer as well! I have been having issues with unbelief, discouragement, despair, so this has really restored my faith. Thank you God! Please continue to watch out for my little family!
    By D.
  • January 17, 2015
    Please Lord Increase our faith. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe. Thank you Lord for My husband and the years we have had together. Please Heal him. I Praise the Lord and thank him daily for blessing and guiding my loved ones and me. I pray for his loving care for each one who is in need for healing and salvation. Praise the Lord!!!
    By Jean
  • January 16, 2015
    Thank you for the prayers and especially to JESUS my mammogram was negative yesterday
    By Lynn