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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Answered Prayers

It has been said there are three answers to our prayers: “yes,” “no” or “wait a while.”  However, underlying each and every answer is the silent promise, “I am here.”  Experience the power of God's love and feel the comfort of God’s presence in these true stories of answered prayer.

  • November 14, 2014
    Thank you God for blessing my family and I with another day of life and improving my family dynamic. Thank you and may God bless you all.
    By S
  • November 13, 2014
    I have had no hot water in my home for months and with the weather turning colder, no heat as well. It was 48 degrees inside my home last week and much colder weather expected. A friend of mine put forth a call for prayer warriors to pray for me on social media (no names mentioned) and a friend of hers came forward and paid my gas bill to get my service restored. I had been walking in faith for the last 2 wks, KNOWING God was going to supply my need and He did! You never know from whence He shall send an angel, but BELIEVE and YOU WILL RECEIVE. Keep praying even if you don't see results at first, Because THE FATHER is always working in the background for your good !
    By Josephine
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you, dear God. Thank you for all that you have given me.
    By grateful widow
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you for praying for Kristi with me. Her gym appt went well today. She has a minor condition which will be addressed on Dec. 12th
    By Sue
  • November 13, 2014
    I want to thank everyone out there who"s been praying for me. I just herd from my attorney (still have one) that I'm being given more time to pay my retainer. Thank God!!!!
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you for the Prayers and God for sending Dr Robert-. Thank you for allowing me to have a job to buy the herbs Yves needs. Thank you Lord and everyone
    By E
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you for another day of life! Thank you for a roof over my head. Thank you for a clean bed to sleep in at night. Thank you for a comfy couch to watch TV during the day. Thank you for my dog Who is almost 18 years old. Thank you for my health improving, mental, emotional, physical. Finally, thank you for all the blessings you've given me and I look forward to more from you. In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen and hallelujah. Thank you to ALL You Prayer Warriors for your continued love, support, and prayers!
    By KDSC
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you lord for all your blessings every day. Please God Bless all who are in need. Thank you for the answered prayer and help we received. Praise the lord!!!
    By Jean
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you for your prayers. My son, Rob, got a job!!! We are very grateful to all of you for your prayers. My next prayer is that it works out and he has success there! Thank you Lord!!!
    By Rob
  • November 13, 2014
    Thank you God for blessing my family and I with another day of life and improving our family dynamic. Thank you to all who prayed for me and a special thanks to the Prayer Warriors. God bless all!
    By S.