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God Can Hear Your Prayer, Even If It Is a Groan

Reverend Peola C. Hicks, OurPrayer Manager

Have you ever been in so much pain that you could not utter a word, but you had enough strength to cry out to God? I would not think of this as prayer, but I am amazed at the scriptures that talk about the sensitive nature of God’s ear and how attentive He is to our groans and cries. It is similar to the way that we respond to a baby. In my case, I was not always sure of what the problem was with my children, but I knew their cry meant that they were in need. I also came to learn that the tone of their cry was an indicator of the intensity of their pain or discomfort. I sometimes groan when I am unhappy or when my body does not move like I want it to.

Groaning in the Bible is indicative of bondage, oppression, pain and suffering. When the children of Israel were in slavery they groaned and God heard them. Exodus 3:23-24 and Exodus 5:6 bears this out, and again in Judges 2:18 the Israelites groaned when they were oppressed by the surrounding nations. God pitied every groan and delivered them. When Jesus stood at the tomb of Lazarus, the Bible says in John 11:38, He groaned within himself because of the pain of seeing His friend dead.

In every instance, God heard and responded. I am keenly aware that God is so attuned to us that when we cannot form words to pray, He can still understand. Sometimes I groan because I am not sure of what I need to say, and my lack of audible words are aided by the Holy Spirit. In prayer, the Holy Spirit helps as an intercessor, and He knows how to interpret my pain such that it gets to the heart of God. When I say pain, I am not talking about physical pain necessarily, but I am talking about anything that would cause me to cry out to God. It could be a groan for a loved one who needs to have a relationship with God, it could be for my relationship with others, or it could be for my mother, or for my job.

From the beginning, I know that God wanted to have fellowship with His created beings. This is evidenced by the fact that He looked for Adam and Eve in the garden. Though they hid themselves from God when He wanted to have fellowship with them, God does not hide Himself from us. I am eternally grateful that God does not hold grudges and hears me every time I call upon Him, even if it is only a groan. I can never have any excuse for not praying, because of the graciousness of God. When I am weak, then I can draw upon His strength.

Listen to the words of Romans 8:26: Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Have a blessed day and allow God to help you. I have, and it has freed me to trust Him with all of my cares.