A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Pray for Others

When we pray on another’s behalf, we experience the blessings and grace of divine love. Shining through each and every prayer request which appear below is a great light, the light of faith in the goodness of God and the light in the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for others by name and need.

  • September 20, 2014
    I dont have anywhere to live, family has disowned me. Have no money. Cant live in my old neighborhood, because gang members are out to hurt me. Nowhere to go please lord show me a way out I pray in the name of your son jesus I pray. Need help asap
    By ahmad
  • September 20, 2014
    My name is angel walker and family an i are in need of prayer. Pray that my children fendi and dorien jr are consistently healthy consistently educated and consistently loved and cared for. Pray that my fiance dorien sir and I get married soon. Pray that dorien and I are blessed to experience careers for ourselves that we enjoy and pays well. Pray that me and doriens love grow deeper and stronger in the name of jesus. Pray that my household has more then enough goodness in our lives. Pray that are bills stay paid and that they are paid on time. Pray that our home is protected from harm and evil. Pray that our extended family are properly helped and on their feet again. Pray that my familys conduct is graceful. Pray that my position within my entire family is of matriarch. Pray that I am mentally stronger so I can effectively focus on what I do want. Pray that I am physically stonger so I can effectively accomplish mental goals I set for myself. Pray that theses prayers are realized expeditiously in jesus mighty name amen.
    By angel
  • September 20, 2014
    I have been waiting anxiously to hear if I have been chosen for a teaching position with the P-Public School System. I so much want this job. I believe I can perform the duties required with the strength of God's help. This job would bring my wife and I out of a financial downturn that has left us just barely getting by. I believe I did very well during the interview and the principal seemed very pleased. Oh God, this position would enable me to share my educational knowledge as well help us live better. Please pray that they will see fit to choose me for this position. James R. P-
    By Russ
  • September 20, 2014
    I feel stuck. I have PTSD (non military member) I'm under a Drs care but my spiritual life is lacking. I lost my husband to suicide seven years ago and prior to his death Christ was present in my life. Not devoted follower I know who He is and His love grace and mercy. Help me recognize The Lords calling in my life. I pray for protection from spiritual attacks
    By Sonya
  • September 20, 2014
    Dear Lord- Please come to our aid-Amen -Thank you for your prayers may God Bless you all Amen
    By Sandy S
  • September 20, 2014
    Please pray for me to be able to get married happily despite my circumstances. Thank you.
    By Agnes
  • September 20, 2014
    A little girl, not yet 2 years old, was adopted by her new family on September 13 and as of September 20, she is still deeply grieving for her old life. Please pray that she can adjust to her new life soon.
    By Lori
  • September 20, 2014
    God I am coming to you in my deepest hour of need. I'm in need of a money miracle and food for myself and two daughters. Thank you God for providing for myself & daughters. Amen
  • September 20, 2014
    please pray for me to get my blood count up and that the goiter in my neck will go away. I pray for help and curing from god. I don't want to be cut on and am very scared. I pray for help and guidance. I thank all that pray for me in my time of need. thank you Debbie from - VA
    By Debbie
  • September 20, 2014
    Please pray for my grandson.His name is Cross.He needs prayer for mental and physical healing. He also needs prayer for protection,especially for this weekend.Thank you for your prayers,God bless all of you
    By sue