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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Pray for Others

When we pray on another’s behalf, we experience the blessings and grace of divine love. Shining through each and every prayer request which appear below is a great light, the light of faith in the goodness of God and the light in the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for others by name and need.

  • February 16, 2012
    please pray that my husband will be guided and protected in the arms of the Lord, especially today at 8:30 am Amen.
  • February 15, 2012
    I am a single mother and I am looking for a new job. I work in a very stressful place. I work for people who do not appreciate me, treat me nasty and just expect more and more. I have never worked for anyone like this. I feel so defeated in my life. I feel like I am alone and have been totally forgotten about. I feel like I am not good enough and that no one cares. I also would like to find happiness in my personal life. But I feel like no one hears my prayers and that I am alone. I feel like I will never find a new job or happiness. I do not want alot. I want to be able to support myself and my children and be happy. Thank you.
    By Kathy
  • February 14, 2012
    Brian asks prayer for Frank who is dying of cancer, is not saved and is very angry. It does seem he is open to listen.
  • February 13, 2012
    just came back from camp and the worship there was amazing but now that im home and my family isnt supportive of my faith at all it makes things very hard to be so faithful.
    By sami
  • February 13, 2012
    Please pray for Susan. She hurt her finger. She has been cared for for a long time as a mental patient in institutions.
    By Susan
  • February 12, 2012
    Please pray for a little girl named Ila Jean. She has relapsed for the second time with cancer. She is only 7 years old and needs as many people to pray for her as possible. All good things are possible with God. Thank you.
  • February 11, 2012
    Praise the Lord, please pray for my daughter Abrina who started a job with Taconic DDSO a org. for the retarded and she really for the first time with her disabilites as Bi-Polar really likes this job and needs it so bad financially. She was put on a leave because she reported some abuse of clients and she was injurned on separte issue. She is afriad of loosing her job. She also first time asked me for prayer. Please pray. Also that she starts a good relationship with her her 5 children she also has been through 2 divorces because of her disability. Thank you God bless. Viola
    By joy
  • February 10, 2012
    My 21 year old daughter Casey has CP and is profoundly deaf. God has done so many wonderful miracles and answered so many of my prayers in her lifetime since birth. Her father and I are just now ending a three year divorce battle that changed her life completely. She is not my little strong-willed, patient, loving, kind, unselfish child any longer. I can see the stronghold that satan has on her life, and I realize now that only Jesus can save her. I ask that you pray, for our Lord to somehow reach deep into her heart and soul, so that she will know and believe in Him, and save her from her immoral , destructive lifestyle that she is heading towards. She will not listen to me. Pray for the right person to come into her life that will help guide her in the right direction. Thank You
    By Marlene
  • February 9, 2012
    Hello, My name is Kathy and I am a single mother. I am praying for a new job that is less stressful and a better work place than what I have. The place I work is not a very nice place and they are very underhanded. I really need to get out of this place for my own piece of mind and health. Please pray for me that I find a new job soon and that one of these interviews that I have been going on offers me a position. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen
    By Kathy
  • February 8, 2012
    We need to sell my dad's office. Please help my family with your prayer, we really need it. I know if we believe it will happen, Jesus won't leave us. God bless you.
    By Priscila