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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Pray for Others

When we pray on another’s behalf, we experience the blessings and grace of divine love. Shining through each and every prayer request which appear below is a great light, the light of faith in the goodness of God and the light in the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for others by name and need.

  • January 6, 2012
    My name is Bob. I need help with a serious problem. Please I need your prayers urgently. I am asking God's help so that I may be delivered from a very serious difficulty. I need a miracle and I pray that God will hear my prayer. Thank you to all those who pray for me.
    By BOB
  • January 6, 2012
    Please pray for me find my way back to the Lord. Please help me overcome this overwhelming depression and stop the negative thoughts. Please help me find a new job.
    By Em
  • January 3, 2012
    I need GOD'S help so desperately more than ever now. I always talk to GOD especially when I'm driving to work alone. I'm a single mom and really feel that I have too much on my plate and it feels like it's mounting. I'm afraid and feel shame anytime I doubt the power of GOD. Please pray hard for my 9 y/o son and I that this oil spill that took our home from us in 2007 and the legal case still goes on till this day, let GOD jump in right now and stop this case in it's tracks and bring justice our way. We did nothing wrong but live in our home for six years and because of a oil delivery made to the wrong address we now suffer in so many ways and now the house is in process of foreclosure and this is just the topper of everything and I feel like I falling and need so much strength and mercy. Please pray for my son and I. Thank you and GOD bless you all. Nyoka and Anthony.
    By Nyoka
  • January 3, 2012
    please pray for my sister-in-law Violet, she is in the hospital. they say she had a silent heart attack
    By Violet
  • January 1, 2012
    My cousin is in critical condition in the ICU due to a violent assault. Please pray for strength and peace for his family and guidance for the doctors hands.
    By Stephanie
  • December 30, 2011
    my house is to be auction off jan 9th. Due to my filing bankruptcy 2 years ago, I'm finding it hard to rent an apt. Please pray for me that god will find favor with me and i will find a place to live . Linda
  • December 30, 2011
    i am a 2ND year student at a bible institute just pray that God provides financially so i can ably to get into ministry after i am done with school.
    By Jose
  • December 28, 2011
    please pray for my husbands will to be turned to the Lord...to not divorce me and to surrender his life BACK to God. pray for me as God purges much of my past from me and creates a new woman in me to be who I am to be..pray for our 4 children as i try to lead them in the Lord
    By Jeni
  • December 27, 2011
    Melissa asks for prayer for Renato's salvation.
  • December 25, 2011
    Hi my name is eric. I'm a believer and follower of Lord Christ. However, I'm in one doozy of a spiritual battle, failing and falling to trials and temptation in my life. I was once a vibrant Christian, serving God almost everywhere I end up. I hunger to find that place again where He can use me. I need and desire the joy of His salvation restored to me. Please, pray for me and if possible pass this request on within the body of Christ. I honestly thank you from my heart and may God bless you many-fold for this. Eric
    By eric