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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Pray for Others

When we pray on another’s behalf, we experience the blessings and grace of divine love. Shining through each and every prayer request which appear below is a great light, the light of faith in the goodness of God and the light in the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for others by name and need.

  • October 27, 2011
    To Whom It May Concern: Please pray for my mother as she is in Medical Center. She has an 8mm stone in her kidney. The doctor had to put stents and a bypass tube in her right kidney. Thanks for all your prayers. In His Love Lisa C.
  • October 26, 2011
    Victor would like prayer for his wife and marriage of 30 years... they have four sons and one is a prodigal.
  • October 25, 2011
    Pray for my husbands mental health, our marriage and our financial situation...all coming down at the same time. Oh, and my ability to stay close to the Lord during this upheaval in our lives.
    By a sister in Christ
  • October 24, 2011
    I am in a terrible position because of my ex-husband who made false claims against me and told many lies. I am fearful that these lies will be the cause of me losing my children, the only two things in this world that help me to breathe, besides the Lord. There are no words that I can use to describe the fear and terror that I feel at the thought of not having my babies. I am doubting the Lord because this has all happened and I don't want to do that. Please help me to see the glory of God and to know wholeheartedly that HE is with me and carrying me through this. Please pray that it is His will that I keep joint custody of my children and that the truth is revealed. Thank you.
    By Rebecca
  • October 24, 2011
    After many years, Donna's husband is finally agreeing to go into alcohol rehab. He lost his job earlier this year which sent him further into drinking. Please pray for his recovery from this addiction, for his spiritual health (he is a believer) and for their marriage.
    By Connie
  • October 24, 2011
    Please pray for me - I am an older mother of 2 fifth grade children and have many physical and emotional problems - chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety. My husband and I fight frequently. I feel very distanced from God and empty inside, even though I have accepted Christ as Savior.
    By Susan
  • October 24, 2011
    I am asking for prayer for the Lord to lead me to find a job to support my family. I know the lord has a plan for me i am asking for prayer for me to follow his plan, and find a job. thank you lord i know you are there.
    By Theresa
  • October 21, 2011
    Dear God, please send down your mercy and compassion for Dylan, and fill the hearts of those who will sentence him. Please keep him out of state prison, with the minimal sentence possible. Watch over him, guide him and protect him. Send forgiveness into the hearts of those who would still condemn him. thank you for your blessings. Amen......
    By jody
  • October 20, 2011
    Angela requests prayer for her daughter who is "lost in this world". Please pray that she finds the Lord.
  • October 20, 2011
    Please pray for me I have a job interview tomorrow at 4PM est. I have been unemployed since Jnauary 2011, I praying that if its God's will that this door will be open and for me to go back to work to provide for my famly, I ask this in Jesus Name Amen!!!
    By Luis