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A Prayer Service of Guideposts

Volunteer With Us

Thank you for your interest in being an OurPrayer volunteer. OurPrayer prays for people of all beliefs, however, we require that our prayer volunteers agree with our “Statement of Faith” and agree to abide by our “Volunteer Covenant”.

Please read below and respond:

OurPrayer “Statement of Faith”

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  • We believe in one God who is revealed to us in three persons: God the Father who has created us in His own image, Jesus Christ, God’s Son and our Lord, who died for the forgiveness of our sins, and the Holy Spirit whose presence guides our daily lives.
  • We believe in Jesus Christ’s incarnation, death, resurrection, and His coming again.
  • We believe in the power of prayer, which lifts the problems of our daily lives, our families and our communities directly to God.

Covenant of Service and Declaration of Confidentiality

All who are a part of Our Prayer Ministry agree to the following Covenant of Service and Declaration of Confidentiality

checkI will pray for each request by name and need.
checkI will keep all requests confidential and will not:
  • reveal any information to anyone, other than to a member of the Ministry, that might lead to identification of a caller or writer;
  • initiate contact with any writer or caller or any person involved with any prayer request;
  • reveal any personal information or information concerning Ministry procedures that might lead to identification of or personal contact with myself, another volunteer, or a member of the Ministry staff.
checkI accept my role to be that of intercessor, and will not make referrals except in the case of suicidal callers. I will not:
  • Give out any other numbers unless those approved by Guideposts
  • offer advice or any service other than prayer;
  • claim any specialized skill or knowledge beyond the power of prayer;
  • prescribe medical treatment, recommend medicine or drugs, or give legal advice
checkI accept that if at anytime a question arises as to whether I may have violated this Covenant, I may be required to suspend my volunteering until the matter is resolved; and if I am found to have committed a violation, my volunteering will be terminated immediately.
checkI acknowledge and agree that if I choose to participate in Guideposts OurPrayer Social Networks (the “Network” ); i.e. Facebook, unless specifically asked I will not be acting in my capacity as a prayer volunteer concerning the Network. I understand that I may suggest to a Network participant that he/she submit a request to the Ministry for prayer, but I will not hold myself out as a representative of Guideposts or the Ministry in that arena.
checkI will keep this Covenant with the Ministry indefinitely beyond my term of service.
checkI know that I will be supervised, monitored to assure quality ministry.
checkI make this commitment freely and purposefully to serve as a volunteer in the Ministry.
checkI will not initiate a telephone call to a prayer line caller, or meet with a prayer line caller under any circumstances.
checkI will not engage in self-promotion and/or advertising of my own ministry while on the Prayer Line.
checkI will not engage in personal conversation, or questions leading to discussion with the caller that includes political, theological or doctrinal issues.
checkI hereby confirm that I am of majority age and that I understand and accept the terms of OurPrayer Volunteer Covenant.


Do you agree with OurPrayer "Statement of Faith" and "Volunteer Covenant"?