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Personal Change

Recent Personal Change Stories

Dave Ramsey

No matter how deep you're in debt, financial freedom is possible. Author Dave Ramsey tells you how to start. 

by Dave Ramsey
, Nashville, Tennessee

How Peyton Manning’s next chapter will be the most inspiring story of the year.

by Edward Grinnan

Have your New Year's resolutions stalled? Here are five sayings to renew your resolve and help you think positive about the personal change you're striving for.

by Amy Wong

It's been a year full of inspiration, a year I’ll never forget.

by Edward Grinnan

Inspiring beach reads

Need a great beach book this summer? Try one of these editors' picks.

Uniting in prayer is a creative way to increase your spiritual growth.

by Connie Lee
, Eagan, Minnesota

There's been an epidemic of liars lately. Is it really that hard to be honest?

by Rick Hamlin

How a devastating illness inspired one man to get creative and embrace positive change.

by Anne Simpkinson

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