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5 Easy Home Office Organizing Tips

Surprising lessons from an extreme home office makeover expert that brought a sense of self-improvement to a working mom.

By Alina Larson


5. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
When you purge, whether it’s paperwork, socks with no match, old Chapstick or rubber bands, you’ll end up with containers. Bowls, baskets, trays, even a napkin holder can be re-purposed. For me, a little basket once filled with loose change became a great spot to stash business cards.

Getting organized really has created a positive change in my life. Instead of spending time stressed while I search for something, I now spend a calm 15 minutes a day sorting mail, filing, and reviewing my to-do list. No more late fees or apologies for forgetting an appointment. Who knew an Extreme Home Office Make-over would make over me!

Watch Leslie Jacobs help Alina Larson organize her home office.

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