God Bless Our Pets

Send prayers for your pets. OurPrayer volunteers will pray for the furry, finned and feathered loved ones in your life.

By Edward Grinnan, New York, New York


My wife, Julee, and I don’t have kids, but we’ve had dogs for as long as we’ve been together. In fact it was Julee’s old Cocker Spaniel, Rudy, who actually introduced us one night on West 72nd Street in Manhattan, when I fatefully observed that Rudy was the fattest Cocker I’d ever laid eyes on. Julee probably would have just kept walking—can you blame her?—if Rudy hadn’t applied his considerable body weight and dragged her over to me.

Such is the role animals sometimes play in our lives. Those of you who don’t believe this can just stop reading; there’s nothing more for you here. For those of you who have found a deeper connection to an animal that the mere word “pet” can possibly define, you have found a fellow believer.

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I don’t say that I would love an animal like I would have loved a child; that would do discredit to the animal. Animals must be loved for who they are, on their terms. It is fruitless to try and humanize them. (That they can humanize us…well, that’s another story.)

I will say that I can love an animal as much as I can love anyone or anything. I don’t believe love is hierarchical. Love is the same in different ways, and I have never been able to love my dog more than it loves me.

Why is it that we humans form such intense, preternatural bonds with our animals? What compels us to reach across the boundaries of species in search of something that, perhaps, we can’t get from one another? Some pure and uncomplicated devotion, love distilled to its essence? What a lonely planet it would be if we were the only creatures on it. How thankful to God I am that it isn’t so.

No wonder we pray for our pets, especially on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, when many churches hold the Blessing of the Animals ceremony. This year as part of the celebration GUIDEPOSTS' OurPrayer.org, invites you to pray for your pets online. Send prayers for your pets and caring volunteers will pray for the furry, finned and feathered loved ones in your life.


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The reason we give ourselves fully, as I have learned from our previous dog that passed away last year, is animals, birds, etc do not stab us in the back. They give of thereself fully to you. I didn't fully understnd that until we found a 2 month old border collie and she became family for almost 14 years. She was our baby and a big part of our family.

Lord, I thank you for my beautiful 13 1/2yr Collie, Heather. She has brought me much love and joy over these year. I pray for good health and comfort for her in these her Senior years. I am very thankful for all the years we have shared together. Heather, is a Therapy Dog and brightens peoples lives every week......she goes with me on my shut-in visits to hospitals & Nurseing Homes and makes weekly visits to a locl faculity. Over the years I have been Blessed with 5 other wonderful dogs (Lucy, Heidi,Katie,Holly & Kelly), Thank you Lord for your loveing gifts of these wonderful "family members" and how they have enriched my life!! AMEN

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my two four legged babies, Bailey and Riley. Bailey was rescued from a puppy mill about 4 years and Riley came from a breeder in Iowa. Both have given me joy since the day I brought them into my lives. My fiance, who prefers large dogs, took my smaller dogs as his own. I know they enjoy their mom as much as I enjoy their company. Thank you and god bless.

Father God, I know there are so many important issues in the world right now and so many needy, hurting people who need our prayers and Your blessings. But I would like to thank you for my cats, Mittens and Michelin. You have given me the blessing of Mittens for 17 years and she is a sweet, wonderful, loyal friend. Lord, I ask that you allow her to finish her life pain free and that when it is time to let go of her please grant me strength to do so. Thank you also for the gift of Michelin. I wasn't expecting to have another cat but I'm so glad You brought him into my life. Please bless him (even though he's a stinker!) Thank you for loving we humans enough to give us wonderful furry friends! In Jesus name I pray this prayer.

Thank you for describing the animal-human bond that so many of us cherish in our lives. Our animal companions are truly gifts from God.

In your article you state, "...I have never been able to love my dog more than it loves me." I would like to respectfully point out that animals - breathing, feeling, sentinents beings - are not "things" and are either a he or a she, not "it." Let's discard the "it", and let's also consider replacing the archaic pet "owner" to pet guardian. The word guardian in reference to pets has been adopted by the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon. As we know, language impacts thinking, and changes over time.

By the way, I am a subscriber to the Guideposts magazine, and love it.

Thank you Lord for our two adorable pets Perky (a border collie) and Scooby (a rescue dog from a high-kill shelter, basinji/akita mix). They bring us so much joy to our lives. May they both live long healthly happy lives with us. I am blessed to be able to work from home and be with them everyday! Thank you & God bless :-) The Allee's