Build Strong Relationships

How positive thinking and success grow from the quality of our connections with others.

By Jon Gordon


In a world where online friends can be added or dropped with a click, real friends and real relationships are more important than ever.

I would even venture to say that the quality of your life and work is determined by the quality of your relationships.

I know I'm not saying anything new. We all know relationships are important. Yet when I ask audiences, “Who needs to invest more in their relationships,” most people raise their hand.

That's why one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is: What can I do today to strengthen my relationships at work and home?

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In my book Soup I wrote about the importance of creating engaged relationships that are interactive, meaningful, rewarding and essential for winning teams and families.

Creating engaged relationships starts with great communication. Too many relationships and teams fall apart because of poor communication. Great communication builds the trust that every relationship needs to thrive.

Trust is then enhanced when people know you care about them and you are looking out for their interest as much as your own. The minute someone thinks you are out for yourself rather than them, their internal alarm goes off, trust waivers and the relationship deteriorates.

In many work environments trust is weak because people work in isolated areas, team members know very little about each other and relationships have never been fostered. People don't look out for one another because they don't really know one another.

You see, trust not only strengthens relationships but relationships help build trust.

Relationships and trust can be strengthened simply by spending quality time together.

I've seen this in my own relationships after writing Soup and realizing I needed to spend more quality time with my wife and kids. Helping my wife do laundry helps too :)

I've also heard amazing stories of companies and schools that, after reading Soup, started eating soup together once a week/month and developed stronger relationships and better teamwork in the process. Just by eating and talking together teamwork has improved dramatically.

It’s simple, really. Communication, trust and engaged relationships generate the commitment that fosters great teamwork and leads to enhanced performance and results.

Creating engaged and winning relationships take more time and effort but the payoff is priceless.

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Bio:  Jon Gordon is a speaker, consultant and author of the international best seller The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, The Shark and The Goldfishand his newest book Soup: A Recipe to Nourish your Team and Culture.

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Where I work we are encouraged to NOT form relationships with those that we must work with.
Friendships among the employees is greatly discourage. As a result there is allot of "back biting" and "get even" attitudes. We are encouraged to work against each other. This is starting to show in the rate of turn-over in employment.

Enjoyed reading this reminder to spend quality time with the people who are important in one's life. Sunday I was reminded that professions and possessions aren't what define a person but rather his/her relationships with family and friends.