Blessings in Concert

A musician’s prayerful offering gives hope, and strengthens faith of his fans.


Blessings in Concert

This prayerful offering from Christian singer Michael W. Smith has been an amazing source of hope and inspiration for him and his audiences.

By Michael W. Smith


Michael W. Smith is a successful Christian musician. He’s toured with Amy Grant, released 22 albums—many winning Grammy and Dove Awards, and authored ten books.

But as he describes in his latest book, A Simple Blessing: The Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer, the blessing he says over the audiences at his live performances has become a surprising source of inspiration–for both Smith and his fans. Here it is: 

In the name of Jesus Christ,
I bless you with the promises of God,
which are “yes” and “amen.”
May the Holy Spirit make you healthy
and strong in body, mind, and spirit
to move in faith and expectancy.
May God’s angels be with you to
protect and keep you.
Be blessed with supernatural strength
to turn your eyes from
foolish, worthless, and evil things, and to shut out
the demeaning and the negative.
Instead may you behold the beauty of things
that God has planned for you
as you obey his Word.
May God bless your ears to hear the lovely,
the uplifting, and the encouraging.
May your mind be strong, disciplined,
balanced, and faith-filled.
May your feet walk in holiness and
your steps be ordered by the Lord.
May your hands be tender and helping,
blessing those in need.
May your heart be humble and
receptive to one another
and to the things of God, not to the world.
God’s grace be upon your home,
that it may be a sanctuary of rest and renewal,
a haven of peace where sounds of joy
and laughter grace its walls,
where love and unconditional acceptance
of one another is the constant rule.
May God give you the spiritual strength to
overcome the evil one
and avoid temptation.
May God’s grace be upon you to
fulfill your dreams and visions.
May goodness and mercy follow you
all the days of your long life.

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