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Recent Stress Stories

In the midst of gut-wrenching worry, the Lord longs for me to be still, calm and free.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

A mail slot with a returned letter in it

She sent a letter she immediately regretted, but what's done is done—or is it?

by Cindy Holland
, Williamsburg, Virginia

Dana and Michael look at a photograph together on her smartphone.

She didn’t think anyone could take care of her husband but her. But she finally realized she had help waiting above.

by Dana Ritter
, Virginia Beach, Virginia

For teen girls, exercise is the fastest way to fight stress, weight and depression.

by Terry Squires

How a cat led the way back to spending quiet time with God.

by Edie Melson

From donating hotel points to giving a movie gift card, 7 ways you can help out.

by Edie Melson

woman recharging her spirit with Jesus' strength and wisdom

Jesus offers a different way of living, free of worry and stress.

by Susanna Foth Aughtmon

Faith cannot be dependent on circumstances, for God’s love never is.

by Julia Attaway

4 tips that can help in a stressful situation

by Peggy Frezon

A woman practices mindfulness outside on an autumn afternoon.

If you could benefit from being in the moment and finding a sense of calm, mindfulness may be for you.

by Guideposts editors
, New York, New York

Ways to bring a healthy body, heart and soul into the New Year.

by Edie Melson

Massive or frayed, bright or faded, all the flags around the country speak to us.

by Edie Melson

Robbie with her son, Nicholas

She was so focused on her special-needs son that she was ignoring her own needs—and the One who was there to see her through it all.

by Robbie Pinter
, Nashville, Tennessee

Reduce stress

Tips for how to bring the Zen back into your life. 

by Jessica Toomer

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