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A couple looking at moving boxes in their new apartment.

Finding a home was hard work, but they weren’t alone in their search.

by Joyce Ortego
, Oak Harbor, Washington

audio cassette tapes

There was so much I had wanted to ask Dad. I never even got to say goodbye.

by Linda Kipley
, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

a box of items to be donated to a food pantry

It was just a simple box of cans and jars, but it ended up being so much more…

by Robert Whybrew
, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Rest area road sign against a blue sky.

Her neck was sore from so much driving. Little did she know what awaited her at the rest stop.

by Alison Price
, Sarasota, Florida

Donna Teti

A sign from above is comforting reassurance to a grieving sister.

by Donna Teti
, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Red Coupe Car

Buying a used car gave me decision paralysis–how would I know the right one for me?

by Karen Burkhart
, Columbus, Ohio

Man filling out an online job application

I was tired, worn out by my job. Then I received an unusual offer.

by Jim Troutman
, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Jenny and Casey celebrate their engagement

Her family urged her to return home to Kansas. God had other plans.

by Jenny Greene
, Louisville, Tennessee

Elisabeth Rohm poses with a framed picture of her with her mother.

This busy performer is known for her acting, but she will tell you her greatest role was being a daughter.

by Elisabeth Rohm
, Los Angeles, California

Scott Hamilton ends a routine with a flourish.

When Scott Hamilton was diagnosed with testicular cancer, his faith never weakened—especially when he thought of his mother and her battle.

by Scott Hamilton
, Franklin, Tennessee

Cornelius Dupree
How does it feel to be out of prison after 30 years for a crime you didn’t commit? Or to know you could have been out sooner if you’d only admitted to it?
by Cornelius Dupree
, Dallas, Texas

Snickers candy bar

In a moment of hunger, I prayed to God for just one thing…

by Esther Hylden
, Park River, North Dakota

Author's mom with cat, Jade.

How could I cheer Mom up for the holidays?

by Karen Barchent
, Findlay, Ohio

Tag with "Be a Santa for a Senior" Tag

For Christmas, I had one less person to shop for. I didn’t want it that way.

by Marla Miller
, Englewood, Tennessee

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