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A beach at sunset

Walking down the beach that day, he was so wrapped up in his own problems he almost didn’t hear the girls screaming.

by Edson Bourn
, Jacksonville, Florida

Diana's Uncle Jack

Click your way through the images to read a story of a man's courage and honesty repaid many times over.

Actual photo of author's friend, Kevin.

Even with my doubts, I knew my best friend would always be with me…

by John DeFiora
, Asbury Park, New Jersey

photo of the actual letter from the mysterious ways story

My husband was in the hospital, our bills were piling up… how would I ever make it?

by Bobbie Bostick
, Lawrence, Kansas

Scott Stephens poses with the board that is missing a shark-shaped chunk.

He thought it was a harbor seal. He was wrong. It was a shark. And it attacked. Now he had just minutes to live

by Scott Stephens
, Manila, California

Close-up of the want ads with a job circled.

I finally landed the job I’d been waiting for. But would it last?

by Sheri Fletcher
, Enid, Oklahoma

Della Reese

In this story from June 1981, the Touched by an Angel star shares how her faith guided her through a serious health crisis.

by Della Reese

Heavy traffic on a busy highway.

How could she abandon her car in the middle lane of a busy highway?

by Heidi Daniels
, Las Vegas, Nevada

close-up of a watch

Dad died six weeks before my wedding… how could I celebrate without him?

by Mike Kuty
, Fredericksburg, Virginia

a tree uprooted in a storm

I thought it was finally safe to go outside… until I heard that voice.

by Bea Tarbox
, Pembroke, Massachusetts

Aubrey Lethbridge

A first-time filmmaker tells the story of former enemies who forged a bond playing amputee soccer in war-torn Liberia.

by Aubrey Lethbridge
, Brooklyn, New York

Photo from firefighter Darrell Ellwood's funeral.

It was a favor for a firefighter’s widow, but it turned out to be so much more.

by Chief Bob Kissner
, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Bobby Henline

The only one of his comrades to survive an explosion in Iraq, he soon learned to share his gift of healing humor.

by Bobby Henline
, Universal City, Texas

A table with a sign on it, lit by sunlight.

Click your way through the images to read an amazing story of heavenly comfort for a grieving family.

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