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True Miracles

Recent True Miracles Stories

a beautiful red bike

To get that special bike, she’d need a special prayer.

by Nancy Dearborn
, Verona, Wisconsin

woman with hands on steering wheel

I thought it was a bad thing when my car stalled. Thank God it did.

by Nancy Wilson
, Sharon, Pennslyvania

Mysterious Ways editor Edward Grinnan

A man and his wife get help from a mysterious mechanic who appears right when they need him.

Lorrie McKinney holding her ugly brown shoes

A grieving daughter is comforted by an amazing find at the Goodwill store.

by Lorrie McKinney
, Benton Harbor, Michigan

An airliner taking off from a metropolitan airport

We had to get to L.A. fast, but all the seats on the plane were taken.

by Mary Hutchinson
, Richmond, Virginia

Those who perpetrated this terrible crime tried to destroy something inspirational. But as these stories make clear, they failed.

by Adam Hunter

Three Mysterious Ways stories from the headlines...

by Adam Hunter

keys in a door

Would our new house ever feel like home?

by Kimberly Onufrock-Bracco
, Blue Point, New York

The ringleaders of the Atlanta school district's test-fixing scheme may have gotten away with it, if not for a dream.

by Adam Hunter

Mysterious Ways editor Edward Grinnan

Their quick stop at the supermarket turned out to be anything but ordinary.

Mysterious Ways and Guideposts are moving... and we're giving away some treasures.

by Adam Hunter

I was plagued by the problem of where to spend Passover—until an unexpected message brought me comfort.

by Adam Hunter

On safari, my wife and I wanted to see a lion up close. It seemed hopeless until the unexpected happened.

by Adam Hunter

Sunny the dog wearing sunglasses on the beach

Our two young boys had to give up their beloved dog. Would we ever find the perfect replacement?

by Phillip Haldaman
, Traverse City, Michigan

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