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Writing Class Authors an Unlikely Reunion

Two sisters, given up for adoption, find each other in an unexpected way…

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

How an old car revealed God’s plans are better than our own.

The Miracle of Sight

Going blind was assistant editor Daniel Kessel’s biggest fear.

Getting It Right

Mysterious Ways retracts a story from our February/March issue.

Reconnected by Held-Up Hibachi

We waited too long for our dinner. For a good reason, it turned out.

Listening to the Quiet

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel wasn’t up for conversationbut he couldn’t ignore a curious thought…

For a Better Life, Feed the Soul

New studies suggest a steady diet of awe and wonder is the key to good health.

Did God Tell Him to Hang Up His Cleats?

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu calls it quits.

Never Too Late For Love

Richard Slater died six times. He came back to life for her.

How Two Stories Spoke to You

Readers can feel uncanny connections to stories in Mysterious Ways. Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares two examples.