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This Dress Makes Me Question Reality

Blue or white? Black or gold? Our eyes can be deceiving… but there’s one truth.

A Never-ending Story

The written word is a gift that keeps giving, says assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Faith Wins at the Academy Awards

Unbelievable moments in acclaimed films are often inspired by real-life “Mysterious Ways.”

Signs in the Sky

After a loved one’s death, the veil between heaven and earth is often lifted.

A Speedy Decision

Something guided my dad’s split-second choice, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Harper Lee to Publish 2nd Novel

55 years after her classic To Kill a Mockingbird, a sequel–sort of...

Animals on a Train?

Did a higher power hand these creatures a transit map? Assistant editor Daniel Kessel wonders…

Chosen for Jury Duty

A sign that our legal system is in good hands?

Are Visions of Heaven Just Malarkey?

A bestselling book is just bunk, says its young author.

A Mother’s Song

Rap superstar Kanye West believes his mother sent a message through his music.