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For a Better Life, Feed the Soul

New studies suggest a steady diet of awe and wonder is the key to good health.

Did God Tell Him to Hang Up His Cleats?

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu calls it quits.

Never Too Late For Love

Richard Slater died six times. He came back to life for her.

How Two Stories Spoke to You

Readers can feel uncanny connections to stories in Mysterious Ways. Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares two examples.

What Did You Find Beneath the Snow?

As spring approaches, the hidden (and thought to be lost) is revealed.

A Divine Touch

Bursts of energy, inexplicable forces–how do you make sense of these phenomena, asks assistant editor Daniel Kessel?

This Dress Makes Me Question Reality

Blue or white? Black or gold? Our eyes can be deceiving… but there’s one truth.

A Never-ending Story

The written word is a gift that keeps giving, says assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Faith Wins at the Academy Awards

Unbelievable moments in acclaimed films are often inspired by real-life “Mysterious Ways.”

Signs in the Sky

After a loved one’s death, the veil between heaven and earth is often lifted.