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7 Steps to Weight-Loss Success

Don't just wish you weighed less.  Use these tips to jumpstart your "new you" plan.

A Daughter and Father Find Forgiveness

When the father I had always feared needed help, I got an unexpected opportunity.  

A Creative Idea for the Holiday: Take a Vacation!

Downtime is just as important as all my self-improvement activities, and can ultimately lead to renewed creativity and innovation.

On Silence, Creativity and Personal Growth

Online managing editor Anne Simpkinson talks about how stillness and quiet can lead us to new discoveries about ourselves.

Pushing Yourself to Succeed

Online managing editor Anne Simpkinson reflects on the unique rewards that come from stretching and challenging yourself—physically and creatively.

Journaling for Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth

Writing down your inner-most thoughts can be a powerful tool for changing your life. Online managing editor Anne Simpkinson explains how.

Sharing a Personal Growth Discovery

Check out this website for ideas on handling everyday situations and challenges in positive ways.

From Personal Growth to Global Change

Online managing editor Anne Simpkinson introduces a group of musicians from around the world whose goal is to effect positive change through music. Come enjoy their songs and instrumentals.

My 5 Favorite Books for Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth

What does personal growth mean to you? If you see it as part of your spiritual journey, these wonderful books will help you achieve your goals.

Live the Poetry of Your Life Every Day

How a devastating illness inspired one man to get creative and embrace positive change.