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To See Again

Easter is supposed to be a time of renewal, but after losing her sight, she just wanted her life to be over. Then she had a visit from a mysterious stranger.

What Prayer Can Do: Heavenly Headhunter

References come in handy during job hunts, but she received a very helpful recommendation that remains a mystery.

Adventure Awaits

She never wanted to leave her hometown. So why did she fall in love with a Navy man?

Called to Dance

All the other Disneyland dancers thought she was a pro. What if they found out she was an impostor?

Mysterious Ways: 19 Unexpected Blessings

He cut open the box. There was no bill, no indication of who had ordered the Bibles or why they’d been sent to him.

A Day at the Museum

It wasn’t her idea to spend the day taking in the creative works of Pollock, O'Keeffe and Calder. It was her three-year-old’s.

A Rose for the Pastor

Sometimes God urges us to do the strangest things...

The Sign of the Dragon

A young baseball fan who is deaf received a delightful surprise when he approached the mascot of his favorite team.

In Tandem?

Thomas was an answer to prayer...just not the one he expected.

Sunflower Peeps Cake

This easy and adorable dessert is the perfect treat for Easter or any other spring occasion.