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The Miracle House

Despite a sleepless night, Wainwright House provides creative energy for the day.

Stuck on the Elevator

As panic sets in somewhere around the 16th floor, many thoughts occur–except one.

Think Spring

I can no longer be charmed by snow days and the promise of hot cocoa.

Love at First Grade

A daughter's all-time favorite love story and miracle–how her parents met.

Hearts Galore

Every time I see a heart in an unexpected place, it’s like finding a little love note from God.

Airport... or Heaven?

You can walk into an airport and see long, long lines or a world of possibilities.


The Photo That Sparked a Miracle

A 13-year-old boy, a photographer and an about-to-throw-in-the towel teacher create greatness.

A Beautiful 'Coincidence'

How small, seemingly insignificant actions on our part can play into God’s bigger plans

The Early Valentine

An 'ice heart' from God tells a chronic worrier to chill out!

Let It Snowflake!

God is in the details–consider the 1 septillion snowflakes that will fall from the sky this winter.