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Moms Really Do Know Best

Does God equip parents with a special gift of intuition? 

Lilies of the Field

Has a piece of Scripture ever popped into your mind at just the right time?

The Sign in the Wreath

Bright blue eggs in a twig nest deliver a message of Easterrebirth, starting anew.

The Forgotten Miracle

God could make the impossible happen. Like saving three brothers in a car crash.

What Miracles Look Like

Guideposts readers share evidence of God's miraculous touch.

A Good Friday Plea

Lonely on the holiest day of the year, a little girl prays for a miracle.

Time to Rejoice

Easter enthusiasm is breaking out all over the world. Here are some wow-worthy wonders.

What Does a Miracle Look Like?

Big or small, each one is a masterpiece. In one photo, share your idea of a miracle with us!

A Song Before Surgery

In the operating room, a little miracle that only really made sense to me and God.

Destined for Guideposts

After my mother's health crisis, I quickly realized that God had been training me for a job all along.