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A Creative Leap of Faith

A "ridiculous" suggestion turns into something joyous, fun and exhilarating.

Gratitude for a Husband's Snoring

After 64 years of marriage, her husband's snoring becomes music to a wife's ears.

How Do You Define a Miracle?

We're asking you, our Guideposts family, to share what you think makes for a miracle.

A Mini Father’s Day Miracle

How a tiny pair of sunglasses represents a world of love and care between a father and daughter.

Italy's Cathedral of Trees

A breathtaking structure of branches and poles in northern Italy reaches toward heaven.

A Musical Lunch-Break Miracle

Some amazing incidents during day 14 of Rick Hamlin's "60 Songs in 60 Days" project

Saved by Taylor Swift

Three teens are pulled to safety from a car crash, thanks to Swift's concert bracelets.

The Best Vacation Souvenir

Praying for people you love so far from home–there’s no souvenir like it!

5 Wonders of Hawaii

Crystal blue waters and flowers as far as the eye–some sacred spots from the island of Maui

Destined to Be Friends

How God brought together three friends who are now Hawaii-bound!