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Destined to Be Friends

How God brought together three friends who are now Hawaii-bound!

The Most Important Job in the World

God's voice helps a haggard young mother make her role a top priority.

God, the Geometry Genius

You'll never look at salad the same way again...

The Miracle of Grandma’s Mixer

How a new, unfarmiliar house began to smell like home. Just like Grandma's house always did.

The Spark of Prayer

What can I possibly do when a problem is so much bigger than just me?


Caves that Glow

I’m mesmerized by how God touches every little corner of the world with beauty and light. 

Moms Really Do Know Best

Does God equip parents with a special gift of intuition? 

Lilies of the Field

Has a piece of Scripture ever popped into your mind at just the right time?

The Sign in the Wreath

Bright blue eggs in a twig nest deliver a message of Easterrebirth, starting anew.

The Forgotten Miracle

God could make the impossible happen. Like saving three brothers in a car crash.