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Her Mysterious Ways

How dogs know things in a way that we mere humans never will

A Prayer for the Addicted

During a weekend devoted to those suffering from addiction, who will you pray for?


We Are All Spock

A fond farewell to Star Trek's immortal Vulcan

Back to War?

It is time for the country to take a deep collective breath.

Clay Hunt's Legacy

How we can all help returning military veterans avoid the tragedy of suicide.

Two of a Kind

A hectic, cold, wintery week brightened by two positive thinkers.

Has the Evolution Debate Evolved?

Science and faith–the two can be more friends than enemies.

Love Lost

Their love never goes missing–though TV remotes and sunglasses occasionally do.

John Walsh, Facebook and Protecting Our Children

Facebook and Amber Alerts create a partnership that's a "game changer."

Why I Am Not Charlie Hebdo

Fostering tolerance and understanding through personal stories of hope and inspiration.