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8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Deployment

How military families can get the support and help they need while their loved one is away

Finding Balance During Deployment

Where to find calm when the storms of fear and chaos surround you.

Military Mom Connections

A divine appointment reveals itself across a breakfast table.

Salute to the Heroes at Home

These unsung men and women hold down the fort so our military members can do their jobs.

Managing Post-Deployment Expectations

How to give your soldier–and yourself–time to readjust. 

Veterans Helping Veterans

A combat veteran helps others still fighting for healing and wholeness.

Be Battle Ready

When a loved one is deployed, how to fight your fears and come out victorious.

Effective Prayers for Our Soldiers

3 tips for praying for our service men and women when fear threatens to overwhelm us.

Serving Those Who Sacrifice

How faith communities can help military veterans adjust to life back home.


The ABCs of Tax Time For Military Families

Financial expert Ellie Kay offers tips for navigating the income tax filing maze.