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Do You Struggle with a Wait Problem?

If we listen to the world, fulfillment comes more from a single, instant choice, than anything else.

Be a Shield

On social media, how to not unwittingly expose military families to terrorists.

Let Go of Deployment Expectations

Why they can set you up for failure and how to let God step in

Praying Scripture for My Soldier

There are so many verses in the Bible that we can pray for those we love.

Planting Roots of Faith in Military Women

A powerful, new ministry takes hold so women can thrive in military life.

Packing Your Sea Bag

What you'll need at home during your loved one's military deployment.

Tips to Defuse Deployment Resentment

The last thing you want to do with the stress of separation is to ignore it. 

Journal Your Way to Peace

5 ways for a military family member to find quiet in the middle of chaos.

Negative Effects of the Warrior Mentality

How hiding behind a brave front can have devastating consequences in our lives and in the lives of others.

Don’t Stop at 'Thank You'

Support our military men and women with more than just words and phrases.