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Sword of the Spirit–My Weapon of Choice

We use the Bible for comfort and instruction, but it's meant to be so much more.

Memorial Day Remembrances

My thoughts and prayers turn to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice and the families they’ve left behind.

Arlington Remembers...

We must never forget how much our freedom cost, and we must always be thankful. 


The Beauty of Community

For military women around the world, Jesus provides the answer we need.

A Military Mom’s Journey of Prayer

During a dark time, God called forth a warriora prayer warrior. And a special book for others was the result.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

An indignant mother is greeted with a surprise message of love.

Rooting Out Common Complaints

A new ministry helps women move past the culture of complaint and thrive in military life.

National Day of Prayer–Remember Our Military

Take encouragement from being a part of a great choir of voices, praying for our soldiers.

When Concern Consumes Us

I slowly began to realize that help was as close as a prayer.

Boot Camp Experiences

As we trust Him through trials, as we endure them with Him, He will change us.