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Remembering the Miracle at Cokeville

The classroom was filled with angels and saints, beautiful beings who calmed the terrified children and told them what to do.

An Angel's Message in Stone

Was the mysterious response proof of the afterlife?

A Miracle Cross

Like many Christians, I am fascinated with miracles. When I find someone who experiences the touch of angels and miracles on a regular basis, I’m hooked.

A Motorcycle Miracle

An angel changed this rebellious teen’s life by saving it.

An Angelic Rescue

A guardian angel guides a woman through a dangerous situation in her new home.

Sister Adele's School and Shrine Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Sister Adele's vision of the Virgin Mary led to the founding of a school and a shrine and helped save her town.

No Batteries Required

A special angel reveals a message from the afterlife.

An Earth Angel on the Trail

Answered prayers along the climb

A Secret Communion on the Moon

Did you know that the first food eaten on the moon and the first liquid poured there were the sacramental bread and wine? Blogger Joan Wester Anderson shares the story.

Her Spirit Was In the Pink

A colorful presence was comforting, as well