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A Blessing for Everything

Anything that brings us joy deserves a prayer. 

When Life Is Hard

Link your difficult task to something else that's hard: the wood of the cross.

The Missing Slice of Pie

How a wedge of lime pie came to have sin, forgiveness and love all wrapped up together.

Thy Will Be Done

The hardest four words of prayer in the hardest of times.

The Most Important Thing of All

If I’ve done what I could, behaved as I ought and said what was needed, I have to let go of what happens after that.

Cleaning Up the Soul for Easter

It's a lot easier to take note of the standout sins and ignore the subtle ones.

Two Imperfect Women

Serving the Lord in the middle of lives that aren't neat and tidy

Daily Bread

 I have to wrestle to accept that God’s idea of “just enough” may not be the same as mine. 

Hitting the Wall

A switch in thinking about ongoing problems opens up a new reserve of energy.

What the Spirit Desires

We get to choose what we pay attention to, what we ponder and treasure and store up in our hearts.