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Hitting the Wall

A switch in thinking about ongoing problems opens up a new reserve of energy.

What the Spirit Desires

We get to choose what we pay attention to, what we ponder and treasure and store up in our hearts.

When You're Feeling Low

In times of distress, here's the perfect model for venting your woes.

Getting the Job Done

How we define a problem pretty much determines the range of solutions we can imagine.

Thinking About the Sprats

A strategy for avoiding sins of both kinds–commission and omission

Love Your Enemies

When angry, the fastest way to peace is to pray for the good of the one who upset you.

Sleep-Deprived Prayer

How exhaustion can lead to having an ongoing conversation with God.

The Lord's Servant

Faith cannot be dependent on circumstances, for God’s love never is.

If You See Something, Pray Something

If something–or someone–is worth commenting on, isn't it worthy of prayer?



Red Sea-Size Problems

How to re-frame big, scary situations–one small step at a time.