Michelle Medlock Adams

Michelle Medlock Adams

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Fit Fitness into Your Life!

5 ways to work exercise into your already jam-packed life.

There’s an ‘Ear’ in Your Heart

As Christians we need to hear with more than just our earswe also need to hear God's voice with our hearts.

Walking the Walk

A spunky, sassy 21-year-old fashionista who doesn’t focus on the things she can’t do.

What to Believe?

In a world of empty promises, crazy gimmicks, and bogus studies, aren’t you glad that God’s Word is true?

The Prayer Box

A special and visible place to hold prayer requests and precious answers to prayer.

Giving Your Children to God

That Easter morning, sitting in the car by myself, I truly gave my girls to God.

The Fixed Easter Egg Hunt

When you walk with Lord, you're going to find an egg with your name on it–every single day.

Misplaced Priorities

Whatever has your affection will get your attentionevery time. Is yours on God?

A Leap of Faith

How a big decision was made by listening to God's message–delivered by other people and prayer.

A Box of Encouragement

If you have something good to say about someone, say it today! It may make a world of difference.