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A Leap of Faith

How a big decision was made by listening to God's message–delivered by other people and prayer.

A Box of Encouragement

If you have something good to say about someone, say it today! It may make a world of difference.

A March Madness Message

Just as in basketball, we must keep our guard up in our spiritual lives.

Are You Throwing a Pity Party?

If your theme song has become “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to,” you need to get a new song.

Let Love Lead the Way

"Jesus didn’t bludgeon people into the Kingdom. He loved them in.”

3 Ways to Seek God's Favor

When you let success live in your spirit, God will do what you once considered impossible.

You Are Royalty

It doesn't matter what you do or where you were born. God's Word has handed you a crown.

Controlling Your Expectations

Are your defenses up? Maybe it's time to take them down.

Look for the Rainbow

A personal sign from God for a worried mom leaving a daughter behind in a big city.

Enjoy the Journey

We shouldn’t be so consumed with pursuing goals that we miss seeing daily life.