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A Prayerful Farewell

Though God is leading me in a new direction, I will always cherish OurPrayer in my heart.

Prayer in Troubled Times

It can seem like there is no place to turn, but there is. Hope is never beyond reach.

You Need the Lord's Strength

The one who strengthens us to have victories in our lives is Christ. He is the source of all our strength.

Modeling Good Behavior for our Children

I am encouraging people to pray for the protection of God’s gift, our children.

Healed by the Power of Prayer

He attributes his success to praying for God's direction and says that if it were not for prayer, he would have made a very different choice...

A Prayer for Transitions

It is amazing what a positive change of attitude can do...

Encourage and Pray for Our Soldiers

I want to invite you to be an encouragement to someone you know who has served in the military.

Making Prayer a Priority

Not praying impacts your spiritual readiness to face the challenges of the day.

God's Reward Program

God instructs us to honor our mothers; the reward is that we will live well and have a long life.

Discover the Benefits of Praying for Others

Prior to joining Guideposts, I had no idea about the massive reach of its prayer ministry...