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My Daily Prayer

A famous prayer from the dazzling mind and heart of a beautiful soul from the 13th century

The Wedding Band Prayer

Rings aren’t eternal, love is.

Pray the Alphabet (Instead of Counting Sheep)

Stop tossing and turning and put your time to better use: Pray for others starting with the letter A...

6 Little Sayings of Mom's

All the words of wisdom over the years from one mom who thought we probably weren't listening!

7 Reasons to Give Thanks for America

For the National Day of Prayer on May 7, here are words of praise for our country.

When in Rome

The spirit of Paul–and the promise of faith–lingers 2,000 years later in a wisteria-scented city.

Give Thanks for Tax Day

Taking a note from Dad’s book, I try to think of April 15 as a day to count my blessings.


Dealing with a Godsend

What to do with $10 found on the street? "Finders keepers" is not really my theology...

A Preview of Coming Attractions

Even in the midst of Holy Week’s sorrows, we give ourselves this sweet hint of what’s to come.

Praying Like Paul

Inspired by 2 Corinthians, Rick Hamlin encourages us to invest in each other's lives through prayer.