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Happy Birthday, Son!

28 years ago you created a totally smitten mother and father.

Prayers for the Loss of a Child

How one man painfully grapples with tragedy when God's grace seems to be missing.

Biblical Heroes in Stone

Donatello's Renaissance statues bring the Bible to life at the Museum of Biblical Art.

10 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

Fear hits all of us–but here is Scripture to help you get beyond it, to something better.

A Time for Dancing

Before the penitential season of Lent begins, let's cut a rug a la Fred Astaire.

Be Like Jesus–Pray for Others

When I get too wrapped up in my own problems, it’s a relief to pray for someone else. 

God in Times Square

Sometimes those moments of “considering now the lilies” happen in the oddest places.

The Praying Chair

Worthless and worn. But the right place to sit and pray to God.

I’m Becoming My Dad

It isn’t the worst thing that could happen, not by a long shot. 

An Unexpected Birthday Guest

What if a homeless guy wandered into your birthday party? What would you do?